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  1. Congratulations mate. This was one of my choice of cars before I became a lancer lover. Still when I see one on the road my head turns. Enjoy the ride.
  2. Riling this up. Eagerly waiting to see a Mazda 6 thread..🙂
  3. I am currently running with 225x45R18. I cant afford to spend on new tyres as the cost will hit me with a blast. Yes that is actually one of the reasons. Also I seem to like the matte bronze finish on the wheels. I think they will get along nicely with the color. similar to this. you get the idea.
  4. Thanks @iRage for sharing. The link has some of the sickest wheels that I have seen on lancers. Also I noticed that in most cases rear fenders needed some work. However the wheel specs that I am considering has slight differences compared to what I have at the moment. So Yeah it's quite probable that those will fit in without any issues. Let's see, anyway I am going to dig deeper into this before I proceed.
  5. @trinity @Davy @Hyaenidae Question for you guys. As you may know I am currently running with stock Lancer GT wheels ( 18" x 7", 5x114mm with 46mm offset). I am seriously thinking about getting some new wheels for the car. I am currently in love with the following which is pretty Bad A*S looking to my eye (or perhaps something similar). Wheel specs= (18" x 7.5", 5x114.3 with +45mm Offset). Question is will these fit my car without any space problems or without any other issues?
  6. Thanks for the Heads-up Mate. I myself too keeping a close eye on those cylinders. Cause last time when I replaced the brake cylinder washers agent advised me to replace cylinders as well. They quoted 17k (per cylinder) at that point. well I did not have a deep pocket hence only replaced the washers. since then car has done close to 5000kms and recently I did my service. I closely monitored and there was no leaks. @Hyaenidae I remember you tagged me in aftermarket brake cylinders on Ebay. @trinity try using Ebay route. https://www.bremboparts.com/asiapacific/en/catalogue/hydraulic/A_12_397
  7. Been reading your blog since the beginning. The final result truly shows the passion of a true patrol head. Bravo Sir!!
  8. Oh I see. Then you probably know what was going through his kid brother's mind while he was driving. Yeah Poor guy..
  9. from the actual owner's perspective -Ok I put an Evo-x spolier and some other bits and pieces of modifications (May be a loud exhaust too) Now my dream is to fly because now I own an Evo X with over 200bhp.
  10. @sathyajithj99 @GK_007 @Ruslan @Gummybr , Thanks guys for your prompt responses. The details/tips you shared will indeed be helpful and I will be sure to post some pics later. Stay safe.Cheerz.
  11. Hello Guys. It's been a while since I updated my own thread. Need some Road tripping advice from my fellow Autolankans. We are planning to go Belihuloya via Nuwaraeliya- Hortanplains- Ohiya route. I am more specifically concerned about Hortan Plains-Ohiya route. Since my car being lowered and I am a bit paranoid of the thought that the Road condition might not be that good and fitting for the car. We will be taking another 2 lowered BMWs and a Honda civic. So yeah this is going to be an epic journey. Has anyone of you taken your vehicle via this route? Of course I am street-viewing and I was just wondering if you could kindly share your own experience with me. Regards.
  12. Nice,Waking up to see this. It looks like Toyota has nailed "The Design" Congratulations mate!!
  13. @trinity Just seeing this. So I removed the stabilizer links at my local mechanic and took a sample to locate the exact replacement.Unfortunately I do not remember which brand was it. I do have the old samples with me. But I guess you are too far away to collect them as I am pretty much based in kandy now. Happy to help you out further if required.
  14. So I have been away for some time and was sweeping through the forum. And found the perfect thread to share my story with my car. A Big thanks to @Supra_Natural for starting the thread. (Spoiler Alert!!- not a happy Ending). As some of you may know I drive a 2008 lancer ex GLS which is a bit modified to look like a lancer GT/ evoX hybrid. I bought this baby in early 2019 and have taken care of it with absolute care and to be honest I have treated her like my 2nd born daughter. Also my father who is the main character of my story also loved and cherished the car as much as I do. In late 2019 my father was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer. So we decided to go with chemotherapy/Radiotherapy treatment and he had to stay at cancer home in Kandy for 2 months to receive treatments. I drove my father there, drove to see him on a daily basis while I was having the ABS sensor issue in my car. So naturally speaking I drove the car for 2 months daily in highly congested Kandy traffic without ABS. Car had no trouble is stopping even without ABS and of course I had to learn to drive without ABS. Luckily by the time when my father was released from the hospital I was able to fix the issue by fitting a new ABS wheel sensor and we took him home after treatments feeling happy. Hmmm happy ending right? ‘NO’ 8 months down the line and I still remember the day when it happened. 8th of Aug. So I got on to the car with my father on the passenger seat to go to get his quarterly checkup results. When I turned the ignition key the car did not start. No crank noise from the engine and car stayed silent. A bit Strange, This has never happened throughout my ownership and car always managed to start at the first attempt. So I took a long pause took the key out and gave it another try and this time it did start flawlessly. I strongly believe that car knew the danger was coming before all of us. She was giving me an indication that danger was imminent. Well she was right .On the same day we got to know that my father’s cancer had resurfaced. So this time around we decided to go with bladder cancer operation called Radical cystectomy. For those of you who do not know, Radical cystectomy is the golden source of treatments with regards to bladder cancer patients. In a nutshell this is a highly complex surgery which involves the removal of the entire bladder followed by creating an alternative method of urine passing. However there are certain risks associated with this surgery especially for older people like my father. So my father underwent operation on the 2nd of Oct and it was not quite successful. Then came the 2nd and 3rd operation. After the 3rd Operation my father went unconscious and he was immediately transferred to ICU. During these difficult times on a daily basis I got up early, drove the car to see my father. I used to park the car either at Bogambara car park or at KCC. My daily routine was to go see my dad in the morning, took care of his daily necessities came back to the car with my breakfast, Slept in the car, Had lunch in the car. Went to ICU to see my dad again, back in the car,Cried in the car, prayed to god to save my father and REPEAT. I spent the whole day in the car and it was pretty much my second home to me. However nothing could stop my Dad’s destiny. My loving dad left this world on 30th Oct 2020 leaving me and my family into tears. My take of my own story- There’s is an unexplainable bond between the right car with the rightful owner. Your car understands you. Your car can feel you. More importantly she understands the danger that’s coming your way before anyone else. And she gives away warning signs. If you truly madly deeply love your car then you would know that it’s not just a machine with 4 wheels. For me she’s one of my kind. My lancer is more than a lancer to me. Here’s is a pic of my loving father with my beloved lancer. Gone with the wind. But DAD I will see you again.
  15. "Everyone needs a beater car"- This quote hit me in the head. loved the write-up and looking forward to read more updates.
  16. I can vouch for them. I did a Major overhaul to my Car's Ac system ( Replacing the cooler,Condenser etc.) It's been over 1 year and no issues at all.
  17. I remember Former president Chandrika was wearing a Patek. ?
  18. Love the pics. It seems you have done some modifications since the last post. If you could list down the things you have done do the car (Modifications,Maintenance,Routine repairs) that would be helpful.
  19. Yeap. Also the Can Bus adapter to be compatible with Rockford fosgate.
  20. I was actually looking at 10.1" Unit. But now you have corrupted my mind,. ?. BTW are all the lancer EX models coming with Rockford fosgate sound system?
  21. Here you go. Get in the car, Insert the ignition key and turn it to "on" Position. Wait for the service inspection to finish and while at it I put my seat belt on. Start the car and wait until my Phone connects to the Bluetooth device attached to the car. (I need my Playlist). Drive away. This process takes about 20-30 Seconds.
  22. I am guessing you are going to do the suspension repair at your local mechanic. Cause if you try to do this @agent you will go nuts after hearing their prices (for both arm link stabilizers they quoted 30k).
  23. Replaced mine couple of months back. if you ever take the route via Gampola and if you see a deep blue lancer then you know what to do right.?
  24. Holy Smokes!! I am sure that I will not be able to sleep today after seeing this. I mean look at that pristine condition.
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