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  1. Hi, I would be very thankful if anyone could shed some light on how factory fitted omnidirectional camera systems are wired into car AV unit. any guide, wiring diagram, flow charts or any bit of information is greatly appreciated. Trying to troubleshoot an issue with Suzuki factory fitted omnidirectional camera system. Thanks, -GBB-
  2. Hi NeroX, Not the most ideal person to answer your question but here are my thoghts. I brought one in last March (2019 2WD MZ with omnicamera package) and so far the experience is awesome. I absolutely love the vehicle. Regular maintenance parts are available in LK. However you will ran into some problems finding body parts for the vehicle at the moment which will solve along with time. (Been noticing more and more spare parts ads of the vehicle recently) And the design of the vehicle is not everyones taste. If you love seeing it in your garage and love sitting behind the steering wh
  3. Hi, Does anyone has the workshop manual / maintenance manual of Suzuki Xbee? Either in English or Japanese language? Thanks in advance, GBB PS: There is a maintenance DVD series by MKJP. Does anyone know where can I get these as well?
  4. We have a year 2000, N16, brand new imported, manual transmission and the fuel consumption is around 15km/l. The engine is 1600CC (QG16DE). I believe in this version (QG16DE) there are no any other issues as in 1500CC N16. Ours is completing 16th year with us (2nd owner) and we didn't face any abnormal issues except replacing sensors only once.
  5. Sorry mate. I'm not sure now. Researched about this vehicle years ago.
  6. Hey guys, Do you guys mind telling me any available reliable method to translate Japanese user manual into English other than IBM Watson. Thanks in advance. -GBB-
  7. As I heard a long time ago FB15 before year 2000 is better to avoid as it has some inherited problems. (Not know the current situation) And as an N16 user for more than 16 years what I can say is if you able to find an N16 with QG16DE engine you are good to go. With fabric seats. A very reliable car with no complaints from my end.(Manual transmission in EX grade)
  8. @iRage @kush @Twin Turbo @tiv guys, thank you all for your valuable replies. hypothetically asking what is the worst case scenario a one could expect if he use 92 octane petrol when 95 is the recommended. hypothetically...
  9. Fellow AL experts, Hope everyone is safe & sound during these hard times. Please stay indoors/stay healthy. Let me rescue you from boredom by asking a question (again). So long story short, "unexpectedly/gladly" bought a Suzuki XBee after my previous thread. (Thank you all for helping me out and specially @Meraya ) So the question is, Japanese user manual says recommended fuel type is "Unleaded regular gasoline" (Roughly translated by Google translate) So I would like to ask the opinion of AL experts on what is the most suitable petrol available in Sri lanka which meets the speci
  10. Hi everyone. Thank you all for spending your valuable time to help me. All of your comments have helped me take a decision and as of now I have decided to let both my heart+brain speak and decided to go with Demio. As @Devinda_Z said newer Mazda 2 was stellar but its beyond my reach. Therefore I have decided to stick with 2007-2011 Mazda Demio and save some cash in the process. So if possible please help me to find a good car. What are the things I should look for before buying? Also is there any method to identify trim level of the vehicle?
  11. We have been using a Nissan N16 for 15 years and sorry mate I cannot agree with you. There seems to be few variants of N16 in SL and this might true for some but what we have is an EX saloon with QG16DE engine and the car is extreamly reliable. We bought this in 2004 from 1st owner who brough this brand new. This comes with fabric seats and manual transmission and the car is superb if maintained properly. Would you believe we have average 16Km/L and sometimes it consumed just 18Km/L? (Measured through old full tank to full tank method) Maintiaing RPM below 2 will do magics though. The si
  12. Hello fellow ALs, This is the first time I'm posting on the forum after using this as an unregistered visitor for quiet some times. I have this average looking question, which I came up with different answers each time I ran it through my mind. Therefore your expertise is strongly required & I seek your valuable advices. I have bit of knowledge on vehicles as my famly owns few from time to time and now its time to grab one for myself. My budget is ranging from LKR 2 million to 4 million. This is the tricky part. I have first hand experience on used car repairs and sometimes I fe
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