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  1. To me this is a Early Dodge pickup truck and sure this is mid to 30's.
  2. You got it. I don't think we got this in SL, they may be coming with Renault name?
  3. Here it is, I don't think this is in SL but this is a famous manufacturer/ model in Europe.
  4. We do have two of them, one in NZ and one in SL Wife use the 2012 Hybrid Camry done 150k and no issues what so ever. It is a jap import G grade car (As per auction sheet) She get about 20 Km/L mix run and continues highway drive is about 17 Km/L In SL, we bought the Camry i think 2015 or 16, but it's a face lift top of the line model (Similer to Atara SL) include the automatic rare blinders. It has only done 25k when i have last been to SL in 2019, get's about 16 km/L Both 2.5 and pulls really good and had no issues. Only service through the agents as recommended My wife had done 50k for last 5 years and we haven't done any major maintenance (We have done the 100k Toyota service) other than usual service/ wheel alignment, etc. regards, JC.
  5. This may be a old Mitz Rosa or Hino it's more of a Rosa i guess from sides.
  6. Spot on mate @Gummybr. This is one of the capable 4x4 i have ever driven (Not mine) a real mountain goat when it comes to hill climbing. If i am not mistaken they still in production as one of the longest production vehicles.
  7. This is one of the best off road vehicle.
  8. Nissan Sunny FB14 is my guess for this. (Based on the headrest)
  9. Honestly never seen such a model, learned something new.
  10. My memory is with a red Super Hawk and it is still with the original owner but not road worthy and he is not interested in restoring it or selling it. ?
  11. Pontiac Bonneville rite not the GTO?
  12. Good guess mate, It is CB250, this specific model is the "Super Hawk" it is your turn mate.
  13. Something different, you may love it or hate it. It is very hard to see them on roads, I have seen a one last time when I was in SL and it was spotless. This specific model was in the marker end of the 80's and early 90's.
  14. Yes, Sri Lanka is a rich country.
  15. @Crosswind you seems like the go to person for watch's Will consult you before my next watch for sure, Does any one in SL got a Patek watch?
  16. Unsure what happened to Timex, they use to be a good name in the watch industry, may be now under the "Zombie" category?? :-)
  17. Just bought a Frederique Constant to the list Seems not that famous here in NZ so got a good deal, wasn’t able to walk away.
  18. Will take it. Toyota Will Cypha
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