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  1. It doen't take a lot. It just takes one.
  2. Yep. No more fosile fueled cars. Get R done.
  3. Mani

    Express-Way Updates

    Iguana almost had a bad day. Fast forward to 1:50. Cow at the end as well.
  4. Don, If available, you can also use truck bed liner. I like to roll it on and the advantage is that you can tint it to whatever color you want. Could be a good option for the wheel arches. You can also use this stuff on areas where a rock chip may occure like the leading edge of the back wheel arch since you have overfenders.
  5. Mani


    Prety cool vids Supra. Loved the one with race coverage. May be more of local car events more details about the race cars/bikes and their drivers/riders would be nice too. Little humor could go a long way as well. All and all, they are getting better and better. Keep it up.
  6. Looks like you're having a good time. Where in LA are you?
  7. Oh the chubby... Wonder if I should bring my riding gear with me. Decisions, decisions...
  8. The biggest danger in using your left foot on a street car, beyond what has already been said here, is a stock seat belt will not hold you in place like a race harness. Generally, you'll use your right foot to brake and use your left foot to keep you from sliding forward. If you got your left foot on the brake and right on the throttle, as you apply the brakes your body will move forward increasing the brake pressure which will push your body forward even more thus increasing the brake pressure even more. Very difficult to do a controlled panic stop. Leave the left foot braking to experts in race situations.
  9. Don, You may have to google that one mate. I don't know.
  10. You are. This is the .1 version.
  11. I'm not an expert on the subject but the valve they are talking about is the proportioning valve which limit the amount of fluid sent to the rear of the vehicle. The confusing part is why only one wheel is affected. Generally, the prop. valve does not differentiate between the two rear wheels. It'll send the same pressure to both. One possible issue could be that there are some foreign materials in the line going to the left side brake. When you say the rear fluid was changed, did you actually bleed the system? Your rear left brake cylinder is the one that is farthest from the master cylinder so that is the wheel one should start with when bleeding the system then followed by the right rear, left front, right front. Your mechanic is right in saying that they will have to analyze the entire system as it could be any number of things that can cause this. Besides the above, your wheel cylinders may need to be checked for proper operation, lines need to be inspected, master cylinder need to be inspected etc... I think it is well worth the money to have the whole system checked by a qualified technician to make sure that you identify the root cause of this issue. Definitely don't drive the car until you get this rectified. Imbalanced brakes can cause all sort of trouble up to and including total loss of control during hard braking.
  12. Mani

    Express-Way Updates

    The criminal element in me is smiling from ear to ear.
  13. Mani

    Express-Way Updates

    Getting on this road in a HC bike all geared up in the middle of the night and do couple of runs up and down would be an absolute blast. All those nice sweeping turns and smooth road... How therapeutic it'll be...... I can't be the only one thinking this
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