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  1. how much oil reduction are we talking about? when an old engine is under stress it tends to burn a little bit more oil. if you dont burn oil in your regular driving there is no need to go thicker since you will be compromising in fuel. when it starts burning oil when during your regular commute start changing the grade. for modern day engines 104km is very low and your engie should be fine for another 100km.
  2. we have two 99 CRVs in our household and i know everything about them......they are great vehicle but you have to pick one that's been well maintained. few common problems in these: Door Locks: door lock actuators kinda get stuck and needs replacement (may be in SL it shouldn't be an issue since locks act up cold months) Transmission: if not maintained they are known to give problems (always use honda Z or DW 1 ATF) Differential: if not maintained well it starts acting up whole car starts vibrating when making a U-turn (most times old Diff fluid is replaced problem gets fixed, use only Ho
  3. Merry Christmas! I took Christmas sprit to the streets!
  4. i use to work for a Dealership that had three brands under one roof (Ford, Subaru, Nissan). special cars that i have driven at work: 12 Ford Mustang GT500 driven whopping 100 yards @10mph 12 Nissan GTR driven whopping 100 yards @10mph 12 STI driven 100yards @25mph SUBARU BRZ driven4 miles. @80mph FORD FOCUS ELECTIC 10miles. Friends/Relatives cars that i have test driven: 06 CL500 06 Range Rover Sport 05 Lexus LS430 11 BMW M3 78 Corvette 98 Hummer HI (sat on the back seat on a 10mile trip) if i want to list other cars my list will never end because i love to drive/try/borrow o
  5. yep its a 93 MR2 and we had it for almost two years now. Thank you guys! i love working on cars and doing it the right way might take few minutes longer but results will stay years longer. I don't trust my vehicle with hands of others that's why my car sees a garage only when it needs tires.
  6. yesterday i painted my valve cover and the whole deal is in the link below.
  7. Plan your budget and over estimate your costs so you would have good rough idea. on restoration projects you always run in to extra parts replacements. remember this car sat for a long time -you need to get a new ECU for the new engine, -suspension parts -steering parts -any modifications that you might have to do to make everything fit your engine -any repairs on the new engine (do your research, some Subaru engines have head gasket problems and you need to take the engine out to swap them, so if the engine has close to 100k I would just put new set of gaskets) Good luck with your proje
  8. First I would check where its leaking from. start looking for leaks from the reservoir, pressure line, Return line, power steering pump and the steering. im not a fan of "fix in a bottle" products its nothing like fixing it in a proper way. There are two types of products out there one that thickens the power steering fluid that it would stop the leak and the other is a chemical that expands the rubber. personally I wouldn't do use "fix in a bottle" products.
  9. honda need to hire a better engneers to design there transmissions. I just love their engines but some transmissions are nighmares no matter how well you maintain or how you easy you drive it. My past experiences 05 Civic Hybrid CVT: bad starter clutch 05 Honda odyssey: bad tranny 00 Acura TL: bad tranny if you own a honda always use genuine honda ATF and change it earlier than factory recomendation.
  10. we had 8 cars and 10 bikes in our household and my brother moved with his toys and my dad dad reduced his . i am reducing my collection as well since i tend to spend money on buying cars/ motorcycle and spend money maintaining them. when it gets to a point it gets too much of a stress and takes the fun out of it. when you have too many projects you cant finish any.
  11. i have done ATF full exchanges at home every 20k-30k miles. My car is currently at 140k miles and still shifts seamlessly. i have towed a 18 foot boat, a ford expedition, motorcycles, trees....what ever life throws at me with my 98 toy Avalon.
  12. Thank you! i live in the states and i bought it from a parts store. i cant remember the brand but i go with the blue once since they are little stronger.
  13. Thank you for the tip Don. Items you need: Valve Cover Gasket set, RTV sealant, brake/carb cleaner (or any solvent), paper towels or rags, 10mm, 14mm Sockets with a ratchet, screw driver or pry bar, pliers to remove vac hose clamps, Things that could go wrong: if the spark plug wires are very old there is a chance that you could damage and needs replacement, check the condition of the PCV valve and the timing Belt, if your engine has a valve noise its a good time to adjust the valves as well,
  14. i just finished doing my valve cover gasket and decided to record it. it was easy and i was surprised to see clean internals on an engine that has 170k miles (273km).
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