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  1. Need legal advice!

    I have an old car with me thats been in the family for ages. It originally had the “book” and now has a green paper for the registration. 

    We just noticed is has a few errors in it.

    1.The Name of Make is incorrect by 1 letter (O instead of E)

    2. The name of model Has N, Instead of L.

    3.seating capacity is “-1” (it’s a 2 door, 4 seater)

    4. The tire size says 560x15? I don’t know if this is an issue.

    It’s not had any issues with cops or anything. We do the yearly registration/insurance with no issues. It's a 1975, so no eco-test.

    Can we get these errors fixed? Also whats the legal standing right now? 

    We have it since 2006. Kind of in a rush,as I just started restoring it! 

    oh btw it’s a 1975 VW Golf-L “Swallowtail”

    (2 Door 1.1L and quite rare I’m told)

    Thanks guys!

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    2. Ruslan


      I say its not worth the hassle, forget about it since you're already getting your annual registrations done without any issue. restore it and enjoy it :)

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Thank you for the replies guys. You guys cleared up my doubts. I guess I’ll just let it be. 

      A color change is in order. It’s blue on the car and book. But I want something unp.😅

      It says Golf-N, insted of Golf-L @matroska.

      Really appreciate all of you!

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      A thank you gift for you all…

      It definitely wasn’t us that did this abomination!

      It’s a long story. But its back with us now.

      It needs a LOT of work done.

      But I think there are only 2/3 “swallowtails” in the Country. Also only about six “2 door” cars here. So I think it’s worthy!




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