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  1. nothing worked me other than waraka.
  2. Try a piece of "waraka" as the bait for the cage... worked all the time. dry fish (even cheese) did not work well for me. and true, the cage is very effective . keep a cage in the car too.
  3. Apart from the car list, Starlet would be a better option. Below is my experience with starlet ep91 (YOM is 1997) Fuel Consumption : In heavy traffic don't expect more than 10. Moderate traffic 12-13. Long distance with careful driving 17-18 (once I achieved 20+)
  4. its pretty easy. Go there, Select all ads, search for mark x. its a long advertisement...
  5. Where did you read the indian proposal ? What are the main points ?
  6. or probably the lower arm bush or engine mounts. Bring it to a wheel alignment. Mostly they will tell you what the root cause is.
  7. Almost all have been discussed deeply. just do a search and do some study.
  8. I think how heavy the car is critical when dropping the car in to a pot hole. My starlet has gone over many pot holes almost every manner you can think of, with low profile tires, still no issue. doesn't mean that I do it purposely, but some potholes can not avoid.
  9. True. Selling a vintage like car and buying a similar old car make no sense. you know the service history which you have done, you know what need to be repaired, issues and what not. Basically you know the car well. Why take a risk ? (I'm facing the same scenario )
  10. Im very much like to see the answers for these questions. Once I accidentally dropped in to a garage near pannipitiya, Replica Sp*ed. Later I got to know they are specialized in Subies. As I noticed they bring down parts too. Specialists will answer properly...
  11. bycap

    Alloy Wheels

    https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc This might help you for calculations...
  12. New Indian Car owners these days. (facepalm)
  13. I don't think it is easy to replicate the world market's price if there is a sudden variation. That is because of the complex agreements like hedging are playing around. Even today ( or tomorrow or within this week) price is reduced, predicted price for the agreement could be higher. Besides this is an opportunity to the government to settle any loss of CPC or whatever. I'm curious to know what happened to the huge loss incurred due to previous hedging agreement.
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