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  1. check the AC compressor clutch, may be it does not engage. along with that the electricals related to the clutch, such as fuses and relays. Is it the AC fan that is working or is it the AC blower, electricals such as fuses and clutch relating to it. Also check the AC gas levels to identify any leakages. maybe it was persistently leaking little by little but all of the sudden you realized that the cooling is not enough since you suddenly started driving.
  2. better to use the same speaker which is currently present. why I say this is because when you upgrade to a louder speaker it will cause an imbalance in volumes emitted from each speaker and as a result it would cause some imbalance which would virtually eliminate the stereo capability of the sound system. this can however be balanced to a certain amount by fading and balancing but better stick to the original setup or upgrade in pairs. toyota oem mostly uses pioneer fujitsu even JBL and non branded ones as well. even after market pioneers from tha
  3. Hello members, This is to inform that I have started rebuilding a crash damaged Nissan Patrol Y61. I am right now finding it very difficult to source certain mechanical parts situated at the front end such as viscous fan Radiator fan guard coolant reserve tank Turbo hoses Air filter housing Steering stabilizer link If there is any Patrol experts out there please help me by providing details of sources since I am quite new to this vehicle type. Local sources are preferable since it saves time and is hassle free given the current situati
  4. top tip

    Replace Car Battery

    Just buy Exide, they by offer the best after sales services. Yes I know they are of low quality when compared to other brands, But given there discount scheme: replacing a battery even every two years is still viable because you get a broad discount when you produce the old battery with warranty card.
  5. Well there is some use for me, don't really know how this works so someone please explain. Two of my tyres right now are in bad shape, Needs to replaced very soon . There is a patch that is leaking air and when I inflate that tyre with nitrogen, the tyre seems to hold the air a bit longer. Once That tyre went flat and I had a hard time replacing the tyre given the small parking space I have. So nitrogen works handy for me, Plus given the small price difference between normal air nowadays, i think it is a viable solution until replacement. Btw My jeep is not a daily runner so I inflate the
  6. I inflate all the 4 tires of mine for 35 psi, Nitrogen by the way. Even the JDM 150 prado that I drive has got some comfy suspension setup as well. But no damper control as compared to the UK spec which I suppose is equipped with KDSS But My guess is anything in the range of 32-35 is Ok. Btw most roads in SL nowadays are well paved. Only bumps that I go over in colombo are botched road repairs made after drainage/water/ or electrical supply works, pity really. but SUV suspension setups need a good work out as well so don't bother running over them. Is this tire from a 150 prado
  7. Well i don't agree with the fact that old cars are not safe or not in compliance to modern motoring standards. I own a Mercedes Benz that is almost 30 years old and yet it has ABS brakes. I know certain japanese so called "premium"cars that didn't have these features until recently where the japanese regulations enforced certain active safety features be mandatory. Ive been using my car for the past 15 years or so and yet even though being a diesel it never failed an emission test yet. It all comes down to how well you maintain your car and that will intern reflect whether itis road legal
  8. So ultimately you are trying to do all this just for the purpose of using it as a city car. Nissan Patrol Y60 - An SUV that weighs 2.5 tonnes, That 4.2L TD-42 is no where near fuel efficient, back in the day i could remember it only did 4-5 KM/L so now with aged fuel pump and injectors with the worn engine is gonna have surprising low fuel figures. My old land cruiser sahara J100 with the 1HD-FTE had better fuel figures than that. And the shear dimensions of it is gonna make driving around and even parking at a modern supermarket really tough since the margins are set for small kei c
  9. For that you can straight away swap it with Toyota's 1KZ-TE. it is a complete package when compared to modifying a 5L. 3.0L, Fuel Injected, Turbo-Intercooler. currently in SL market these power some late J70 series box prado, J90 Prado TZ grade, The hiace "Dolphin" Grand cabin - original diesel.
  10. Prefer the old Dodge RAM. It really looked like an aggressive raging Bull. The new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Yukon look very imposing as well. But then at a time when the car market in SL is importing small Japanese Kei cars due to taxes imposed based on the cc of engines, i would consider this a very bold call. Then again this would be a bank busting purchase. Do keep motivated and bring it along, i would like to see the beast next to kei cars and small sedans. As for LHD, i think you can get it converted to RHD even in SL correct me if i am wrong. I have seen plenty of Humm
  11. I saw a new Cadillac escalade yesterday, also the older model hybrid and non-hybrid version in there in SL.
  12. Well if you wanna go off brand; 1HZ, 1HD-FTE, 1KD-FTV, 12H from toyota 4M40/4M41- Mitsubishi But i recommend the TD42 at any cost because it wil keep the originality of the vehicle. even the RD28T would be a good option, It looks more powerful than the TD42 on paper. But at the end of the day for a big SUV what matters is the low-end torque which the TD42 has plenty for a simple straight forward engine. I believe the new Y61 has ZD30 as well, It is the nissan's equvalent to the 1KD-FTV from toyota so do check that option as well. Having previously owned a Y60 long time ago
  13. can someone clarify me on the fact that the Peugeot 3008 is assembled in china and imported to SL. in that case the french authenticity would be in jeopardy. And secondly i think that a 5 year old montero is still better than a brand new 5008. Montero is the last series of hardcore off-roaders currently in production, much like the land cruiser J71 (box prado) and J150(prado) and Y61 Nissan patrol. the model has only had cosmetic changes since 1999. It is a sort of pump fuel and drive to the sunset type of vehicle, which is a rare breed these days. you are only bound to regular service re
  14. It is quite ironic that people in SL pay huge taxes for there vehicles (close to 400%) in certain cases and not get to enjoy driving their vehicle. I personally feel uncomfortable with these bullying thug of bus drivers and annoying crazy three wheelers. the discipline of these parties has to be addressed first of all as these are the people who are actively engaged in public transport and public means lives. they have to be utmost careful at the road but it is right opposite here in Sri Lanka. forget about travelling, getting on and off buses are basically a leap of life that one has to ventu
  15. Well finding a decent F10 that has been well cared of is a difficult find. few months ago even i was after one but got tired with the way how our locals have treated them. If you want a good specimen then despite the age you will have to be willing to pay a premium for a well maintained one with low miles, mind you these are hard finds, also these cars are close to eight years old. then comes the matter of resale value because even if you buy a proper car with a service history, selling it is going to be a burden as you would have paid a higher than market price in the first place so with the
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