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  1. Ok I'm utterly confused now. My car (FIT GP1) gear oil is due. Checked with Stafford and they said they put CVTF. Checked with my other mechanic where I do my routine services and he recommended to put HMMF (he has the genuine oil as well). Even the oil stick has a label with HMMF. 

    Any idea whom I should believe here?

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    2. PerfMad


      @iRage thanks for the information. Sometimes, i doubt what the agent says. Because these buggers just put whatever oil they get hold of for low price + higher profit margins. I used to go to them for services and then stopped. because they don't even have a specific engine oil. They put whatever they have in stock or get their hands on. And the prices have increased in each service interval :D 

    3. iRage


      Sadly that is the case I beleive with most agents. The cost of having to stock all these different kinds of oils is too costly. Thus, they get kokatath thailya type stuff. This is also the downside of buying cars that are not intended for the market and having completely unregulated part imports. In most other countries, parts shops need to purchase authorized/genuine parts through the local agent. On one hand it ensures authenticity of parts, brings down service and maintenance costs at the agent and the agent is able to maintain proper stocks of popular models. But obviously, our mudalalis have no incentive to actually follow any structure.

    4. PerfMad


      @iRage True that. That's why I'm sticking into a known garage and get the services and oil changes done with genuine recommended materials.

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