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  1. Thanks for the complement.. well in that case its an easy job. Ya doing it with one jack is quite tiring .. had body aches for couple of days as well
  2. agreed. For a moment i thought the same. But then thought if it goes wrong i might not have enough time to get it sorted since i did it during lock down period and the nearest garage was also closed
  3. Actually I did it during a weekend. You can remove the calipers, but its a pain to reassemble if you don't have proper tools. Instead you can cover every aspect. I had alot of news papers laying around so i covered one side fully including inner covers before spray painting the calipers. Even the brake calipers and nuts, bolts and rubber parts were covered before applying the paint to make sure non of the unwanted areas were covered in paint. So if you prepare well, then less rework after paint job. You can watch couple of DIY youtube videos to get an idea about how to cover up things.
  4. Nothing to be worried. But before you apply spray paint make sure to prepare the things you are going to apply. I would suggest to take probably 800 and 1000 sand papers to clean the dust and rust in brake calipers and drums. Then you can cover the other area and apply 2-3 paint coats (as much as you want until you are satisfied with the job). Make sure to read the instructions and keep 15-20 mins intervals after each spray turns. I haven't personally done the tappet. If its alloy, you might need to use some paint adhesion to make sure the paint stick to it. If its steel kinda materi
  5. Uber allows vehicles upto YOM 2000 to get registered now. I guess due to pandemic.
  6. IF you prefer fuel saving and low maintenance cost, ALTO is ideal solution (indian alto) Panda is good in terms of safety, but vehicle is too low, not fuel efficient compared to alto and neither low on maintenance cost. So based on that you don't have much choice. Better go with an alto. Since you're planning on using it as a taxi thats the most viable choice.
    • Honda FD1 manual 
    • SUBI B4 manual OR
    • Honda GP1 auto

    What is your choice and why?

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    2. PerfMad


      @iRage true that. But this car ground clearance is the best fit for SL roads as well since almost all the jap cars are having very low ground clearance. There were not even single instance that i got mine under body scratched even with full 5 people and shit loads of goods in boot.

      Its just the mind set that car sale owners and brokers have made. I'm someone who goes against the general norm :D i hate 121 for the price they ask. its a shittier car to own having 0 features (no one can justify the price against what it got). And for those who claims it does alot of KMPL i know many friends who says otherwise and most of them got rid of the car as it gave so much trouble during their ownership.

      My mom owns a City(GD8 model) which we bought back in 2012 after selling our starlet and i had to go through alot to change their mind set to settle for a Honda. But now she doesn't want to sell the car even after almost 9 years of ownership. That car is totally worth for its money. There were alot who claimed those are not good and trannies give away very soon. But I do 15k interval oil changes for tranny and its still on original tranny and have clocked closed to 170k on the clock and still no issues with plenty of leg space, boot space and looks too. Even the parts are available and not expensive either.

    3. iRage


      Yes...in SL its all about the broker/car sales people stories and what raises next door lathas flirty eye lashes.

      To be fair, the 121 100, 110 Corollas are reliable cars. Only hitch is the examples we have in SL have gone through so many cheap hands that 99% of them are utter rubbish.

    4. MaleCortana


      Yeah the myths on cars are crazy, my Starlet got 8kmpl when I get trigger happy but I tried to do one run with no shenanigans and I still only got 9.5 in the city (Its a 3 speed auto). Whenever I see Starlet owners claiming their cars do "14 AC, 18 no AC" (Living in a tropical country I don't even know why the f**k the no AC is part of a metric anyway) I lose a few braincells.

      But their word is what makes or breaks a car, Camry's used to sell for 2.2-2.3 mil, now they sell for 3.5 - 4.1. :(

      But yeah @PerfMad the Honda City was such a good little soldier but it unfortunately got molested. I don't know if the car had a 'powerful' engine (I remember VTEC being written on the cover) but not sure, I think the fastest that little shitter ever did was 160-170 on the A9. Definitely didn't know it was a 'Thailand' car until a later date.

      Speaking of such cars we have some good memories of a pre-facelift Vios as well. Definitely did not feel any crazy difference between the 121 and the Vios per se. I think the Vios was better specced with leather seats and such.

  7. GP1 or FD1 manual ?? What are the issues I may encounter during the ownership of a manual FD1 assuming the millage is around 150k where my GP is in 70k range..

    Is it a good opinion to exchange or go for a FD? (only reason to go for FD is cz it got a MANUAL tranny ❤️ )


  8. Guys my brother is looking for a Mazda Familia 323 or the same year wagon (AUTO transmission car). Any known issues or things I should be aware of while doing pre-inspections? and how about the spares availability? Anything I should know ? Never owned a Mazda in a our family :D 

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    2. PreseaLover


      @DerpyDantehahahahahaha what a f**kin joke.. petrol does 15 LOL seriously. It doesnt do more than 7. trust me. Thats why the bluebird doesnt have a market at all. I've had friends who owned bluebirds and none of them do more than 7. Nissans doesnt do anything more than 9. Neither a Toyota auto. Don't believe those crap. Even an alto doesnt do 15 lol. Here's an advice. Dont buy from car sales. I've bought pristine cars from sales and my engine blew in less than a week. They f**k you up and you wont even know. 97 bluebirds doesnt go for that high. if you are buying a bluebird buy it for 16 if its an english number. If its a normal 301 then 15 is the price. 

      I'm located in Welisara

    3. DerpyDante


      Informative. Thank you. I’m located in Kandy, quite far from Welisara


      When I was looking for a Manual Nissan Fb 14 petrol, sellers have told me it works 14/l long distance, is that bs too?

    4. PreseaLover


      manual fb14 will do 14 in the highway. But not in city

  9. PerfMad

    Nissan Presea

    There is a hook near that end.. may be you could check whether its properly being fitted.
  10. How can we identify which oil can do 10k.. for an example, given below is the oil I used .


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    2. PerfMad


      This is whats been used by agents and they always says it should be changed every 5k intervals. Well i mostly do highway runs and less city traffic driving. However, since mine is a hybrid cant control the idle stop times 😬😬

    3. Kavvz


      I don't have a lot of experience with hybrids, but just going on logic: Having a hybrids probably means your ICE engine runs less and is under less stress (warms-start-stops aren't hard on the engine, as the oil is at temp etc its the initial cold start that mostly causes wear)- So if you are doing a fair bit of highway runs, I feel you can easily push past the 5k limit with fully synthetic oil such as this. I would shoot for a one year or 8500km oil change window, what ever comes first for this kind of oil....(And if you are anything like me that means it will be around 9k when you finally get around to taking the car in for its oil change... 😆 )

    4. PerfMad


      Thanks brooo.. I usually change the oil at correct intervals .. im kinda planning to change the service location as at agents  prices have gone up.

  11. PerfMad

    Honda gp1

    that may have adverse affects in highspeed cornering. if ur a slow driver it would be ok i guess.
  12. PerfMad

    Honda gp1

    depends on what you plan on doing to increase the height.. You can increase the tyre size diameter and see.. however there will be a significant reduction in fuel consumption
  13. I'm currently running on 0w-20 and planning to switch to 10k oil with same viscosity if available because i'm doing 5k every 3 months.. My question is, if I change from semi to fully synthetic, someday if I stop using car more often, can I switch back to semi-synthetic just by changing the oil? Or do i have to do some cleaning before switching ??

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    2. The Don

      The Don

      If you are switching between semi and full its probably a good idea to use some extra oil of the type you are switching to, to flush the system through. 

    3. iRage


      May I ask why you feel you should switch to semi-synthetic when the car is not being used often ? Cost of oil is not justified ?

    4. PerfMad


      @iRage sorry my mistake.. Im currently running on full synthetic oil. My question is, is it ok to swap to 10k oil from this? and if someday I stop using the car more often then i can switch back to 5k synthatic oil as before without any additional cost or cleaning?


  14. Aftermarket universal hand rest any good??

  15. you can't unless it's an export model which has the option to change the language via menu. Im also having a GP1 domestic model so it doesn't have that option. Only thing you can do is, use the mobile translator app and translate it real time.
  16. Merc project is officially off the hook. Car was sold last week. I hope the new owner will continue the restoration project and get it into running condition soon.

  17. what are your insights on purchasing a evo 4/5 or sti 4/5 probably a conversion? How about the durability of the parts and how difficult is it to source parts? Is it a good decision as im planning to use it as a daily and roughly do 1500km per month..

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    2. iRage


      Well...adjustable dampers are pretty good....so don't discount one with a TEIN or..damn..what is the brand assorciated with a lizard ?...upgrade. See if you can adjust the dampening levels and see what it feels like. I think the adjustable dampers would be more versatiley...you can set yourself a parent-friendly setting...kid friendly setting...friend friendly setting....I am all alone and want to go bonkers setting...just think of all the possibilities ! Typically 8-10 different adjustment levels !!! Lets not even get in to the damber and height adjustment possibilities and the # of permutations of setting that offers you ! OMG !!!

    3. PerfMad


      @iRage thanks for the explanation. Now the hardest part is to source a stock manual evo or sti. Most of them are heavily modified and i don't want stage 2 clutch on a daily :D 

    4. iRage


      Well..look on the bright side...you won't have to work on your glutes and quads at the gym :) 

      uhh...well...at least those on your left...

  18. Is it true that ECU remap with stage 1, will provide better fuel efficiency than stock mapping and increase in power throughout the rpm band ?

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    2. PerfMad


      hmmm i guess its better to stick to the stock mapping. Thanks for the valuable advices.. I'm kinda bored with the car now so thought of doing couple of mods to increase bit of pulling power or else to go back to a manual tranny with a turbo kit..

    3. tiv


      Start with less radical mods like intake

      Ie performance filter and and exhaust, even an injector cleaner helps 

      Turbo is expensive but the most rewarding yet it comes with an array of mods 

      Intake, exhaust perhaps 

      ECU upgrade, manifold, fmic so on. 

      Expect atleast 400k for a proper job 


    4. PerfMad


      @tiv are you familiar with i-tunedCh**ps ? was planning to get mine tuneup from them with a stage 1 not quite sure how much HP it will increase though.

  19. My vision of the Mercedes W124 after its full restoration.

    Paint job is exactly the same... with black fabric interior (without headlight wipers and sun roof)

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    2. PerfMad


      @Magnum yes because the last version, which was manufactured from 1995/1996 onwards were from India with fabric seats. They are cheap quality materials and most the parts are not what's used in cars which were made in germany. So the reliability and the resale value is low.

    3. Magnum


      Not only that, it also had an issue with the wiring harness. After sometime the wiring start degrading and crap out.

    4. PerfMad


      @Magnum true that. I don't think even the body structure is the same quality. 

  20. Seems like Merc project will come to an end. No time to spend on it to follow it up due to this covid situation and my availability. Someone has seen the car and it interested in it. Might sell it to him to continue with the remaining part of the project :( 

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    2. PerfMad


      @iRage yah. Father doesn't want to sell it as the paint job is so perfect. I personally selected the two tone colour since i was going to purchase it from him. But the restoration project took so long and i got fedup going there to see no improvement in the progress during 1st and 2nd covid season. And i wanted to purchase a hybrid as my monthly commute increased and wanted some way of keeping the fuel cost down.

      Someone has seen the car and has asked for it. So father has told his expected price. Let's see how its gonna end. To sad to see it leaving as its a 5 cylinder diesel :( 

    3. AVANTE


      Ado no. 

      But then again, I get what you mean. Projects can suck. Parts are no where to be found sometimes, lying buggers, scammers, mechanics are lethargic and can screw up the work, now Corona. 

      I respect your dedication. I'm here already fed up of my Hawk 250 and now I think I'm going to sell it. Have talked to a few interested parties. It has been plagued by the above mentioned issues too as most projects are. 

      Its been 7 months and it has only run 3 kms... Just 3. 

      Yesterday I was working on the brakes and I found a wooden block in place of the brake pad.. Wooden brake pad. The bike has been kept well on the outside, no leaks, chrome is well kept, wiring works, all the meters and dash worked, etc.impressive on a 36 year old motorbike.

      But on the inside, it seems to have been the playground of a bunch of Maka bases. 

      The calipers have been hand painted, wood brake pads, dirty air filter, broken chain adjusters, it had the wrong rocker arms, engine valves from a Bajaj pulsar, both carbs leaking from almost every orifice, main harness under the frame has been pecked...but being a Honda, it ran without complaint. 

      I managed to fix most of the above issues and am impressed myself as all the others I have met in the hawk club seem to be atleast 15-20 years older than me as these are the only people who know them or have run them in the past. 

      But end of the day, I'm young, I'm not ultra-rich, I'm no Freddie Alles or Jay Leno, I'm not an early-retirement case.. Resources and time are limited, have to use that time either learning or putting miles on the odometer. There's a certain point after which you get fed up and it just isn't worth it anymore.  

      So I guess, it's sad but alright to move on. Wanted to see your completed W124, a fan of them myself, which you already knew. 

      Hopefully, when the resources are in place, can get ourselves into one someday! One can never know, right? 

    4. PerfMad


      @AVANTE sad to hear your story broo.. Yah i feel you. I went through the same shit. Mostly it took time to find the windscreen clips. Had to order those from the company twice as they have ordered incorrect item so that only took good 3 months due to covid. And that hold the final paint job for quite a good bit.

      But last time i went it was all done. Paint was pretty sick + door molding set yet to be painted and buffers. One of the rear buffer had couple of spots to be addressed by a fiber worker, but that got dragged as well. Other than that everything else was in good shape as i saw and the AC blower unit restored as well. so there is lot of time and money put in to this to make it perfect. I don't no what else needs to be addressed during assembling though cz i needed it to be trouble free (mostly as brandnew).

      Hmm anyways i hope it will end up in a better home than mine. Cz only Merc lovers visit that shop and pretty sure someone who already having a car is interested on this.

      Yah one day i will either purchase a good condition one or restore one somehow.. #ONEDAY 

  21. I always had a soft spot for a car with a manual tranny. Every time I see a car, I like with a manual tranny for sale, feel like trading my FIT and go for it :D 

  22. If the car belongs to oil burning chassis range, i dont see a point in increasing the velocity as it is a temporary solution. Better get it rectified asap. May i know the current millage of ur car if you don't mind? Also i believe you car is registered in 2014, cz GP1 series stopped after 2013. from 2014 GP5 manufacturing started.
  23. Is there anyone who fixed the GP4 spoiler on a GP1? I want to know how it's being done before purchasing a spoiler.
    Does it require drilling? anybody with experience please shed some light.

    attached below is the reference of the spoiler im looking for.


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    2. iRage


      @PerfMad..a taped spoiler is not going to be that strong is it ?

    3. PerfMad


      @iRage i guess .. it depends on the quality of the tape and weight of the spoiler isn't it? I do highway runs frequently so it should hold upto 100kmph atleast :D 

    4. iRage


      That is the thing...you will never know until it comes off :D 

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