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  1. Regardless of having a CVT tranny, S mode gives you goose bumps :D  😍

    1. matroska


      GP1 right? I have fond memories of the 'S' mode :D 

    2. PerfMad


      @matroska yes. Very recently i tried the S mode with ECO off and damn it got some balls :D

  2. Just to clarify something. So your car is an insight and they gave you shocks of GP1 FIT? Just curious because I also own a GP1 and I might face the same issue someday.
  3. Guys looking for Solar powered lights which will automatically switch on at night and switch off in the morning (not with motion detection). Any recommendations with a reasonable price?

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    2. Rajith Pathiraja

      Rajith Pathiraja

      At the moment sourcing is the issue . Try these guys https://lumens.lk/

    3. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      I got some lights via daraz (with motion sensors) but there were ones without motion sensors as well. And as I saw the ones I have two modes (haven't tried it out though) one of which is catering to your need. That was from a local seller so they delivered within a day or two.

    4. PerfMad


      @Dee Jay could you pls DM me above mentioned links?


  4. Guys looking for a good set of tyres for my FIT. Any recommendations?

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    2. PerfMad


      @matroska called couple of places. They seems to have tyres made in 20/21 planning to pay a visit. Since I replaced 2 front tyres with Japan dunlops, thought of doing the same with the rear once as well. Was running on original tyres and all are expired now.

      They quote me from 16500 -19000 . Only few shops had dunlops. others recommended to go with Hankook stating that even the new audis are told to replaced with Hankook :D i highly doubt it. It is made in korea right?

    3. matroska


      Well Hankooks aren't bad - yeah they're Korean. But it seems the tire situation has improved somewhat albeit at a higher price- around a year ago it was pretty difficult to source tires at all. 

    4. PerfMad


      Yeah. replaced tyres with Jap Dunlops. I guess im good to go for another 5 years (hopefully) until I sell the car :D 

  5. 2015 Tivoli a good vehicle for daily use?

  6. Any recommended vehicles to purchase below 3mil?

    Main requirements are;
    * Should be AUTO (and no 2 door vehicles please )
    * Prefer something beyond 2000 (YOM)
    * Preferably a english letter reg no
    * Fuel city 8+ is enough
    *Parts availability is a must

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    2. PerfMad


      @MaleCortana i know the feeling. we owned a 4 door for almost 8 years. good car with low maintenance cost. Only issue was leg space and ground clearance issue. Now my brother has increased his budget upto 4.5mil :D 

    3. iRage


      Well...in that case...

      You do get 

      - Lancer CS

      - Corolla (export variant)..yes..it is a Corolla...but the thing is the cheapos stayed away from it because it did not do 23.567 kmpl. 

      and both you might find one with a decent agent's service history.

      I beleive a Swift (Beetle model) might also be there...

      A somewhat newer option might be a Hustler if a kei car that is somewhat larger is on the table...


    4. PerfMad


      @iRage thanks man. Unfortunately he sold his swift beetle like 2 years ago. that was in topping condition 1 owner low millage car. Now he doesn't want the same one. so looking for other options. Corrolla is also in his list. but most are hacked :( 

  7. Looking for a reasonable place to program a roller gate key ( except three singha) :D 

    1. mazdaspeed


      I've had multiple issues with 3 lions whos service sucks like nothing I've seen before. Elcardo does all the work including programing of keys/remotes but may not be able to give the unit as it's not form them. Very good service, friendly staff, reasonable rates and a hotline. 0716844822.

    2. PerfMad


      Thanks @mazdaspeed i checked with Elcardo. They don't program Three singha roller gate keys due to frequency issues

  8. Is it normal to reduce the KM/L after a tuneup?

    1. HaeylM


      Sometimes the ECU will take some time to readjust to the new throttle body settings and airflow. Hopefully u get better or simillar fuel figures after doing around 30-40KM. 

    2. PerfMad


      have done close to  5-6000 km still its little less. Could be due to my driving pattern has changed. Not driving very fuel efficiently as i used to be.

  9. Found a new Mercedes group (SL) and damn, I can't imagine where these gems were hiding all this time. Unfortunately non of them are selling their beauties.. But atleast starring at them bring a smile to my face ❤️

    1. walkernet


      Care to share the group with the rest 😁😁

    2. PerfMad


      Mercedes Benz W124 Enthusiasts Club of sri lanka 🇱🇰...

  10. I don't think so. Because a friend of mine is using the car for like 5+ years and is being running on 10w-30 oil and have clocked 130k. Still running smooth. And I was advised the toyota 10W-30 oil is better for GP1
  11. I'm having a GP1. I was using 0W-20 as this is what's been used by the previous owner. But stafford advised me to change to 10W-30 considering the environmental factors of SL.
  12. Sometimes feel like I made the right decision purchasing a hybrid. But there's a part of me who wants something else regardless of all the expenses :D 

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    2. PerfMad


      @Dee Jay hopefully the next one gonna be either a fun hybrid or non-hybrid FUN model :D 

    3. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      Let's see what you will pick ;) 

    4. PerfMad


      fingers crossed..

  13. Thanks for the complement.. well in that case its an easy job. Ya doing it with one jack is quite tiring .. had body aches for couple of days as well
  14. agreed. For a moment i thought the same. But then thought if it goes wrong i might not have enough time to get it sorted since i did it during lock down period and the nearest garage was also closed
  15. Actually I did it during a weekend. You can remove the calipers, but its a pain to reassemble if you don't have proper tools. Instead you can cover every aspect. I had alot of news papers laying around so i covered one side fully including inner covers before spray painting the calipers. Even the brake calipers and nuts, bolts and rubber parts were covered before applying the paint to make sure non of the unwanted areas were covered in paint. So if you prepare well, then less rework after paint job. You can watch couple of DIY youtube videos to get an idea about how to cover up things. Rest is your creativity I did some rendering before painting the wheel caps to see which would suit better and then applied the selected one. Painting the Honda LOGO was the difficult part (as you may have seen how much effort was put to mask it out and get it painted. + even after the masking is removed I had to take a small brush and do few touch ups here and there. If you have multiple jacks, its easier to apply paint at one go. But since i had only one jack, i had to attend one after another. So I had to cover one side per day (including wheels, hubs, calipers and all)
  16. Nothing to be worried. But before you apply spray paint make sure to prepare the things you are going to apply. I would suggest to take probably 800 and 1000 sand papers to clean the dust and rust in brake calipers and drums. Then you can cover the other area and apply 2-3 paint coats (as much as you want until you are satisfied with the job). Make sure to read the instructions and keep 15-20 mins intervals after each spray turns. I haven't personally done the tappet. If its alloy, you might need to use some paint adhesion to make sure the paint stick to it. If its steel kinda material it would be pretty straight forward like the calipers and drums i guess. Even i tried mine for the first time and it came really well. But took good 2 days and another week with some body aches here and there. I would say still worth it Good luck with your DIY. Given below are few snaps of mine.. Please update the thread as well if time permit.
  17. Uber allows vehicles upto YOM 2000 to get registered now. I guess due to pandemic.
  18. IF you prefer fuel saving and low maintenance cost, ALTO is ideal solution (indian alto) Panda is good in terms of safety, but vehicle is too low, not fuel efficient compared to alto and neither low on maintenance cost. So based on that you don't have much choice. Better go with an alto. Since you're planning on using it as a taxi thats the most viable choice.
    • Honda FD1 manual 
    • SUBI B4 manual OR
    • Honda GP1 auto

    What is your choice and why?

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    2. MaleCortana


      @iRage yep yep that makes sense, what I meant was that our vios was higher specced in comparison to our 121. Obviously a luxel would be better specced than a vios.

      I still prefer leather over cloth seats, cloth seats tend to retain more dust in my experience and needs to be vaccumed out whereas leather can be wiped



    3. iRage


      Both have pros and cons....the nice fabric feels a lot better than the fake leather than all the cars like Vios/Corolla/etc..come with as well...the only nice alcantara leather comes only in the high spec models like Harrier, Crown, etc... (even the Camry does not have any actual leather...it is mostly synthetic..especially those in the SEA market). But then, leather does heat up and cool a lot as well so it is difficult to keep it tempreture managed unless it comes with heated seats, etc...and leather needs to be treated as well. So where up keep is concerned I would say both are more or less the same in terms of effort. It is just that the effort has to be put in different ways.

    4. PerfMad


      yeah im someone who always prefer fabric over leather. cz the fabric is more comfortable than the leather. However i like the leather seats which comes in W124s. those are genuine leather as i feel and its so comfortable and soft. 

  19. GP1 or FD1 manual ?? What are the issues I may encounter during the ownership of a manual FD1 assuming the millage is around 150k where my GP is in 70k range..

    Is it a good opinion to exchange or go for a FD? (only reason to go for FD is cz it got a MANUAL tranny ❤️ )


  20. Guys my brother is looking for a Mazda Familia 323 or the same year wagon (AUTO transmission car). Any known issues or things I should be aware of while doing pre-inspections? and how about the spares availability? Anything I should know ? Never owned a Mazda in a our family :D 

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    2. PerfMad


      @isuru003 yours is looking mint. best i've seen so far..

    3. PreseaLover


      @isuru003great congratz. Can I offer you a brand new gear indicator strip for your bj5? I do these spares. DM me if you want

      IMG_5480 (1).jpeg

    4. isuru003


      @PreseaLover Thanks for the offer but I already got one from Bjautoparts. Someone from walisara do this part in our 323/mazda fb club. I think he does that for several cars as well. Could it be you I wonder 😂   

  21. PerfMad

    Nissan Presea

    There is a hook near that end.. may be you could check whether its properly being fitted.
  22. How can we identify which oil can do 10k.. for an example, given below is the oil I used .


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    2. PerfMad


      This is whats been used by agents and they always says it should be changed every 5k intervals. Well i mostly do highway runs and less city traffic driving. However, since mine is a hybrid cant control the idle stop times 😬😬

    3. Kavvz


      I don't have a lot of experience with hybrids, but just going on logic: Having a hybrids probably means your ICE engine runs less and is under less stress (warms-start-stops aren't hard on the engine, as the oil is at temp etc its the initial cold start that mostly causes wear)- So if you are doing a fair bit of highway runs, I feel you can easily push past the 5k limit with fully synthetic oil such as this. I would shoot for a one year or 8500km oil change window, what ever comes first for this kind of oil....(And if you are anything like me that means it will be around 9k when you finally get around to taking the car in for its oil change... 😆 )

    4. PerfMad


      Thanks brooo.. I usually change the oil at correct intervals .. im kinda planning to change the service location as at agents  prices have gone up.

  23. PerfMad

    Honda gp1

    that may have adverse affects in highspeed cornering. if ur a slow driver it would be ok i guess.
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