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  1. Pubsamare..Now that's a catchy one! ? Well, i can relate to your story directly. Used an EK3 and then switched to an Aqua in 2015. Here's my story, I have completed 4 years with my Aqua and has done 143000KM as of today. When i bought the car, i have to change the rear wheel hub which cost me 15k. Ever since until end of 2019 i never had a trouble with the car. It has a great pulling power and does very good with fuel. In june 2019, i have to change the battery with a recon and still driving same without any issues. I've actually made a battery with the help of a known guy using cell
  2. Hi All, Can anyone recommend me a place or a person whom i could reach to buy a 20 cell hybrid battery pack. My car is a Toyota Aqua (NHP10, 2012). Appreciate if you could share a contact number as i urgently need to replace a battery. Many thanks!
  3. Don't know about GOLD but the whites seems to have a bit of high price
  4. I service my car at Toyota lanka and yes, they should have all the records. I guess this is a non hybrid car. You can get them to do an inspection of the car before purchasing it. For me it cost nearly 6k in 2015.
  5. Hi Guys, It's been awhile since i last posted here. So I'm planning to sell my Toyota Aqua which was with me since 2011. Was wondering what options i have with my next purchase and Toyota Allion 260 (2012 upwards) is something that struck my mind. Since i'm used with the hybrid petrol consumption has always been a plus with Toyota Aqua and i should say it's a pretty trouble free car. Now that i have come across the battery issue, I'm planning to fix a battery and sell that car. What do you guys think of 260? Or would like to welcome your suggestions with another choice. My budget will be
  6. Hi @Crosswind Yes, You are right. I have basically replaced 11 cells of my battery.There are two others i know who has the same problem with their 2012 & 2014 YOM's. With the recent post published here there's four including myself
  7. Hi Salman, The indicator shows that you need attention with Hybrid battery. Take the car to a proper technician and run a scan on battery. You will be able to get an idea how many cells needs replacement. (Toyota Aqua 2012 has 20 cells in its hybrid battery and as per what i was told by the tech guy we can replace cells if the replacement is for less than 10 cells, More than that he recommended to replace the full battery. This is never recommended by the agent and they would ask you to replace the battery with new one.) I also have a 2012 and 6 months ago i too had the same p
  8. Hi Aslam, I also had the same issue in my Aqua (2012) in November 2017. I have consulted many people and finally arrived at the decision to replace cells. To make a long story short, did the repair with Nishantha electricals (Attidiya) and i got the job done with a 6 month warranty for less than 60k. Replaced 7 cells.Job was done by a German tech qualified guy and he carefully did the job. You can temporally delete the error message from Dash board but it will appear after few hours or days. Replacing a battery is also tricky. According to Nishantha (I know this guy for a long time),
  9. Thanks IRage.To be honest I searched it but didn’t come across anything related to this.Anyways appreciate ya help!
  10. Guys, Any idea what this symbol is about? It’s in my friends 2015 Aqua
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