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  1. Permits were introduced in 1991 and ended in 1995 ... when the doctor sunnys were imported.. Then in 1998 it was re-introduced and ended in 2000... the corolla 110 era Then again 2007 it was restarted... but ended in 2008.. the corolla 141 season... In 2010 ... the MR government introduced the current permit system... which there for nearly a decade... with time to time amendments.... ( except for a year .. in 2017 .. it was banned by RW government ) Until 2013 all the permits were non transferable.. in 2014 new tax of 10% of the CIF was introduced if the vehicle was transferred before 5 years... that tax was later abounded in 2018 if I could remember.. Your freinds father would have bought a car which was imported in 1998- 2000 period... which was kept unsold for 3-4 years....
  2. Transfer tax was imposed in 2014... on the vehicles imported on government servents permits, only if they are transferred to another party before 5 years..but this is something happened in 2011... And in 2003 era, no permits were issued except for the politicians and for the retiring officers... and those days the importation age was 3 1/2 years.. so a 1995 car imported on 2003 was not possible.. except the possibility that it was hanging in a car sale yard for 2-3 years.. I cant exactly remembered the year that the blue permits were introduced.. i think it was introduced by the 2005 MR government.. I would recommend you to get an extract from RMV and check... I hope this is with a genuine title... but when people make fraud documents, they do some deletion things... especially for the SUVs..
  3. What about the ODO reading??
  4. I don't think the government can do that even if they wish... due to present economic crisis And mind you... 225 highly influential fellows plus a large number of government officers are waiting to utilise their permit... but keep thief mouth shut.. because they know the situation
  5. What's the model... v46 or v76/96 ??
  6. What ever you buy... wait for month or two... Until the prices get stabilised..
  7. I have noticed a flattening of the price increment.... may be due to the current covid wave or due to some other reason... I was looking for a vitz for one my relative.... most cars are unsold
  8. https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/toyota-landcruiser-300-series-delayed-126350
  9. 1. 1.It's your choice... for me colour is the last thing I m worried.. don't buy a car to the next owner 2. Petrol 2013 are extremely rare.... diesel V98... from kirulapana to town hall 4km/l at 7 -8 am traffic.. if driven around 6.30 -7am... 6-8 km/l Long distance 10-12km /l.... best figure so far 15... I do accelerate often.... 3. Yes.... obviously.... so find a one with genuine mileage... preferably serviced by agents or by a reputed place... 4. For any car... it's the tax... not the value of the car.... in japan a 2018 prado TX is around jpy 3 million... but here... it's unlikely the prices go down significantly with the current economic crisis. And there's nothing called premio market.... if they reduce the customs duty... that's it. 5. No... at least for me.... for the last 8 year I m with monteros/pajeros....
  10. Not a new incident... That has happened to me 2 times.. they buy it saying various stories.... including " සල්ලි අමාරුයි, ණයවෙලා ගන්නේ, කලින් වාහනෙන් ගොඩාක් පාඩු උනා, පූසි පැටව් දාලා.. .".and all the excuses.. so I just sell... but within 2 weeks I see their ad at higher price.. saying home used car... bla bla... Now I sell my vehicles only after transferring... the following day I send the MT 6 to RMV ... then none of the fellows comes.. and I put that part in my ad too... will not be selling "open papers "
  11. Wagon R battery is not that expensive it seems..
  12. Wagon R Japanese alto And many Kei cars will come to this budget
  13. And the prices are going sky high day by day... especially the so called "market" vehicles... like vitz, premio... unbelievable prices
  14. Yes ... only the big car sellers will survive Some of them are with vehicle imported 7-8 years ago... like NAVARA... so they ll have a good time... to get their stocks cleared..
  15. V6 is gasoline.... it's called v93.... 3000cc V98 is diesel 3200 CC Both models, trim levels GLX and GLS in case of montero.. For pajero GR, EXCEED and Super EXCEED Diesel 2800 cc is V96... it comes as GL , a manual 10 seater van... its auto counterpart's trim code, I m not sure
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