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  1. You could bag something like this for 30Mil +. On road / off road/ long trips all sorted.
  2. He may be arguing about the car running from the battery to soften the fear of people with legality of this. And saying hybrids don't have to do emission test. ( not sure about this)
  3. Saw this on YouTube. They are replacing the Hybrid system from an Aqua.
  4. Heard somewhere that few Leaf's were converted to petrol engines due to battery issue. May be this is one of them.
  5. Permits were issued for doctors and university lectures also back in 2002 as I recall.
  6. Somehow your wife manages to secure the sweeter ride. 🤣
  7. On the same topic on color change, How would the SL law works for wraps? If someone completely change the color with a wrap is it against the law?
  8. I would like to know on couple of points regarding using and maintaining a Range Rover 2015 – 2020 model year. 1. How is the agent extended warranty coverage? I believe this can be extended up to 7 or 8 years. (SML FRONTIER). Is this like a bumper to bumper warranty where everything is included? ( Excluding ofcource accidents etc) 2. Apart from the agents, can the independent places take care of common faults or should expect a delayed response as parts to be ordered from UK so on and so forth? Nowadays RR’s are being so common, is this issue still bad as before? 3.
  9. You could try searching on AliExp.... Search with vehicle make & model so the camera systems may show the wiring diagram / installation instructions which may be similar to the OEM version. May be you could at least get an idea.
  10. 18-20L/100km is definitely something needs checking. As mentioned before start with Air filter. Once I found out Kia agent didn't replace the Air filter at the service but charged for it. So until you open up the box and check for ur self don't take the bill as proof. I haven't done any tune ups yet, only regular maintenance. And mine is the 2WD version. Not the AWD. So it may save a bit too on fuel, but not by a huge margin. There is a famous place in Pannipitiya - Malabe road who does Korean and Euro services, specially Land Rovers. Used to take my previous Rexton there, ser
  11. My Sorento 2014, (67k KMs on odo) also does around 12-14L/100km in heavy city traffic. Econ mode is always off and heavy footed of course. If driven moderately, easily can reach 10-11L/100km in city traffic.
  12. Are you driving an electric vehicle? If so it is different from a traditional gear box. Let us know the make / model as mentioned previously.
  13. Thats the agents , I drive a 2014 model and currently 65K on the clock. During the last service, agents gave a heads up on the bushes as a preventive maintenance advice. But I don't feel any issue with the drive even at 100+ kmph. Seems like they are trying to make a quick buck here. Better get an inspection from a 3rd party also before committing to a major service. At least could prioritize what needs attention first.
  14. Does anyone has to change Turbo , Suspension, CV Joints etc as preventive maintenance if theirs nothing wrong?
  15. KIA agent takes longer to do it because there is a queue and lot of procedures. I checked from a place close to pannipitiya (Malabe road) who does Korian and Land Rover vehicle maintenance and they quoted approx 65k for the transmission oil change last year.
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