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  1. Dextron is GM standard for ATF and since ATs were popular in the US the Dextron standard sort of got embedded. Nissan Matic-D is Dextron compatible. Depending on the design year of the AT unit the transmission should be compatible with whatever the Dextron standard was at that time (unless the gearbox had some funky mechanism to hill hold and shifting like Honda didn...being an entry level Nissan you do not have to worry about that). My guess is that your gearbox woudl want something like a Dextron II (since the actual contruct of the gearbox is old)..or at most a Dextron III type fluid. SInce you already have a Dextron III oil you are covered eitherway. Would the Nissan oil have helped...yes but no. The composition of Nissan's fluid (like zinc levels, etc..) and viscocity may have been determined to benefit the materials and contruct of the gearbox. But will it make a HUGE difference ? Not really...transmission might be slightly inefficiend but I doubt you will notice it. So do not worry....just enjoy the car and first get any other more important requirements looked in to (timing belt/chain components, brakes, suspension, etc...). Then next time put the Nissan or any other compatible oil you are comfortable with. Since you have a semi-synthetic oil it might not last as long as a synthetic one so have a rethink about the change interval. If your car had a CVT or even a funky/special AT unit then I would have said stick with what the user manual says...but....this is he beauty of old fashioned mechanical components. Yes, A*W will use only Nissan Maic D because that is the only oil they have ? Same with Toyota...Toyota SL will sell an oil that Toyota has partnerships with.
  2. For detailing there really isn't anyone better in terms of end result and value for money than Oshan (I don't think he even has a shop with a name) or @Octanehead. Yes...keeping beige interiors are a pain, but with the right products it is not that bad. I use fabric guards from Soft99 (about 10 years ago for about 5 years) and Chemical guys (about 4 years ago as Soft99 is not easily found in Japan anymore). The Fabric guard pretty much makes the seats somewhat water repellant (and my kids have tested it quite a few times). Also, the protective layer it puts reduces dust accumilation as well, not to mention sweat/moisture transfer from your clothes and body. Nissan does make some really nice V6 engines..it would be hundred times better with a crispy standard automatic though. Glad she is doing well.
  3. iRage

    Services for Subaru

    You can certainly take it to Senok....but you acn also take it to a reputable service center as well that has a good tack record. Most of these cars are very simple cars and do not require any specialised tools or anything for general services. You just need a trustworthy, non lazy human being to properly chainge oil, fulter and fluids and give it a proper check-up without trying to cut corners or covering thigns up.
  4. and there lies the second problem...this is just to make the forex black market even stronger and the messed up prices for cars will still continue.
  5. I am sorry..but maybe I am too skeptical. I see this whole import cars on foreign exchange as nothing but a rouse for their goons to bring in a few cars, horde it and sell it at exorbitant prices. Who in this country would have extra forex just laying around ? Not even the large companies do as they have reinvested any residual forex or are keeping it to stay a float.As for Sri Lankan expats, at least those I know, simply do not want to send in money to the country as we are already having trouble getting what we have out of the country no matter what the need is. Whatever is actually being sent is to support families. I know quite a few who are actually paying tuition fees for their relaives' kids because family in Lanka cannot do anything. As for the whole list, again, I think as Quiet said, it is just a bunch of theoreticians theoretising rather than coming up with solutions. I mean...the ship has already sunk right ? Isn't this just a mute excercise to see how fast the already sinking ship has already sunk ?
  6. Thus...why waste time listing out vehicle prices when there are greater and more serious problems at hand. Bringing down the vehicles prices is not going to solve the problem that we are bankrupt as a country
  7. Like I said..behind the hazard warning switch....location E circled in red...
  8. Shouldn't these guys be spending their time in working witht he government to actually come up with strageties to improve the country's economy (like..for example...trying to build up tech services, etc...) rather than waste time on compiling lists of vehicle prices ? Easiest is do what we do in pharmaceutical supply chains...set it at cost + a %
  9. Check behind or around the hazard warning liht switch on the center console of the dash....This used to be the case with some other Nissans like the Avenir so that most likely (99% certainty) would be the case with the B15 as well. It is a common relay...the part number was something like 25731-41(somthing, something)
  10. Honda teases a 6 speed MT for the new Integra ❤️ RSX Type S carpet ❤️❤️❤️
  11. 1. 1200cc - 1500cc requirement: To be honest....the fuel efficiency beween a 1600cc (or even an 1800cc) engine is not that far off from a 1500cc engine. Infact depending on the application and driving style, the added power and torque of a 1600cc might give you better fuel efficiency than a 1500cc engine. So if the engine capacity requirement is purely based on, have a rethink. 2. If it comfort..then the Sylphy is a nice place to sit in...followed by the Premio. They both have very cushiony seats. The Civic seats are comfy but they give good support so it might feel a bit too hard for some people (although the firmness helps in long distance trips). Syplhy might be a decent compromise (in terms of comfort and support). 3. Gearbox issues, yes, most of the problems pertain to CVTs. It is mainly because this was aperiod when Nissan was cost cutting and went about using reinforced plastic components in its transmissions. Now granted...the technology has come a long away and using plastic components have become quite common, but back in the day it really didn't work. The standard autoboxes should be okay as long as they are maintained properly (I think it has a RE4F03 type transmission ? which is the same transmission used in some variants of the March, Note and even Wingroad/AD)
  12. 2. You are comparing cars between different segments. The Nissan Tiida is the lowest, Axio, Civi and Sylphy would fall in the same segment and the Premio would be one segment higher than the Syplphy Tiida : Comfort and spec wise the technically the lowest but I would sya it is easily the highest in comparison to other cars in its category (like the City/Grace/Vios). So much so it is as good as an Axio. Civic IMO is the nicer and more engaging car to drive. Axio the least. The Sylphy has the handling characteristics of a sofa converted in to a boat; but that also means it is also the most comfy (IMO). The Premio,would be the highest in terms of comfort but least in terms of handling. The interior finish itself, personally I find the Nissan finish a lot lower when compared to the others on your list (misaligned panels, plasticy dials, etc...) However, they do look more modern (and yet old fashioned) than that of the Toyotas and the Hondas and the seats are very very nice and supportinve yet soft but firm. The Premio interior is quite spacey and only seconded by the airyness of the Civic (body wise the FD Civic and Premio falls in to the same tax category in Japan whilst the Syplhy and Axio falls in to the same body size segment) and the finish is pretty decent . Axio is probably the worst in terms of interior refinement...feels very plasticy and dreary. A good middle ground will be the Civic. Nice materials, good finish..a little quirky layout with a gimmicky flare. If your choices are a Sylphy and the Civic, I would much rather have the Civic, albeit the concern is the Hybrid drive train and its condition (only saving grace is that the Civic Hybrid onwers seem to be a bit more less stingy compared to the typical Aqua/Prius owner). May I ask why you do not want a pure gasoline Civic (where you might find a brand-new imported through the agents) or even a Lancer EX ?
  13. In Japan: Regular grade gasoline. This translates anything from 88 to 95 Octane petrol. So octane wise 92 will work. Only question is quality of the fuel and if any additives are there in the petrol to help with combustion and keep the engine clean.
  14. That doesn't seem to look like an active spoiler if you zoom in to it. But those types of spoiler arms do seem to be the more sought after options (even ultra expensive spoon spoilers etc have the same mounting arm). I beleive the reasoning is that the light weight and thinner arms create less drag enabling better design of the wing itself. Also, it allows for cheaper engineering of making it move (be active as you suggested) So who knows...they could be using such an arm just for that... It could be that the arms are carbon It could be that it actually is active although not visible It could be that since this is just a test mule they are flaunting they still have not designed a proper wing (or atleast mounting arms).
  15. No..it won't be the end of the world and your car will not explode, but it also depends on your car. If you remove your existing battery without looping in an extra 12v battery the settings of your car will get reset. In most average cars this resetting will be as simple as the clock losing its time or the radio losing its programmed radio stations. However in some, mostly modern and some high end older, cars; it may lose settings for things like its security system/immobilizer and even various control systems if the battery is left disconnected long enough. This will make the car unusable and require it to be taken to the agent/specialist-garage on a carrier or have them come to you to reset and reinitialize everything.
  16. Teaser images of the new Type R
  17. Hmmm...you mean other than the ID plate ? check under the drivers seat (one the side (below the height adjustment levers or underneat the front of the seat)...the number usually gets etched on the body and might be covered by a plastic cover or a carpet flap
  18. The Subaru variant of the Toyota-Subaru joint BEV crossover.... in either guise it just looks like a funked up RAV4 and has Toyota written all over the design (or is that just me ?) Teaser video & Pic 1 : Subaru Soltera Pic2 : Toyota Bz
  19. The new Sylphy e-Power....no idea whether it will be introduced in Japan and this has, in some markets, been the Sunny. Looks nice...
  20. Listen to the video ❤️ https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=450298209636125
  21. You will have to go to your local Suzuki dealer. Another option is that if you have used-car part importers in your country have them purchase one for you from Japan, either a used part or a brand new part from a Suzuki-Japan dealership (assuming ths might be somewhat cheaper than the local Suzuki agent). Failing which you can always look up a parts exporter in Japan, there are a few around if you doa google search, and direct order one from them (but then you have no guarantee on what you get and you might have to go through the hassle of clearing the item by yourself)
  22. I too have used T**S for shcoks for my Mark X and the Trueno (before the resto). They had the exact part (I expected the trueno one to be of a generic type, which it was, but I was surprised they had anything that was specific for the Mark X, X-chassis vehicles). At times they only do have compatible models out of practicality. For example the pre-facelift and facelift 140 series Axios have slightly different dampers, but they are interchangeable. So T**S only brings one type. Same with cars like the good old Corona/Carina. Having said that, I won't be surprised if every now and then they do make mistakes either because of low/unavailable stock or new staff or even slight oversights. Mistakes happen, what is important is how they take care of you after the mistake has happened and how they proceed to fix the issue.
  23. That is not normal...it is hard to hear the exact type of sound form inside the cabin...that could be somethinglike the air ducts leaking or if it a sireny whistle then there is something wrong on the compressor side of the turbo charger..could be that the bearign has gone and the blades are having too much play and or unbalanced or even a bent blade. You say the car is under warranty....does that mean that you cannot have anyone else worked on it (without voiding the warranty) ? There are 4x4 and Turbo specialists lke BN who could tell you exactly what is wrong with it...
  24. No...You will need to find a whole lot of parts and engineer it to fit the Civic structure OR..engineer the Civic body panels to be mountd on a RWD platform. Either way it requires a whole lot of fabrication (which I am certain 99.9% of garages will not do properly in SL). This will cost quite a lot. Sky's the limit...just a rough estimate for parts would be something between 600K- 1mil for suspension, brakes, exhaust, intake and cooling at the very least with a mix of used and new parts. Painting and tinkering all depends on what the condition of the car is
  25. Nice ! Old steering wheels have plenty of character to the way it looks and feels. Newer sterring wheels with all the modern material does feel nice to the hand (good ones) but looks like a computer game controller 😕
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