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  1. Technically married. But I’m based in hillbilly land for now. She’s back home. Came here from green card. Hate it. 7.6 is a start. Most go for 8m plus. Unreg touches 90. Facelift is 10.5m. Shudev mata wathura tkak denna shudev. I have no idea what to buy anymore.
  2. Far as I know. Yes its the same. Most engines were shared. Engines are usually solid. Everything else is not. Crazy overpriced right now.
  3. Zoomed in. It’s actually a mitsu buddy van. Not a “waggy kella” Happy to see our country looking good.
  4. Was gonna buy the wife a CHR last July. She hated it so didn’t. Was offered one at 6.2 mil “GT.led 2017.AWD.18k.unreg. No ugly kit. Now a bloody used example with over 80k is been advertised at 7.6mil. ??
  5. Ebay or fb. Few guys on fb who fix/ rebuild/make these parts. Search “[email protected] R-E-V [email protected]” in fb and post a Question. Plenty of guys around. Get few quotes and make sure to see if it’s worth it.
  6. 2000 to 2001 Audi A4 is the B5. Stay far away unless you really want one. I’m on my second. Very troublesome, known fact around the world. Only reason to buy is if you get it for dead cheap or have a special/sentimental value. I am on my 2nd because I love it for the youth I had with it. 2002 onwards is the B6. Much improved in style and interior. Dash/seats is much better. But the prices mentioned make it a bad buy. I would say so go a Beemer with the money. You are looking at an E46 facelift. Fun cars. Packed to the brim with tech to shame even some newer base euros. Not cheap to work. But plenty of people and parts available if needed. The diesel gives you an economy figure that makes the hibrides and cehR and 1L milk cartons a run for the money. (Had a 99 pre facelift. 65-, brand new purchased from agents. Gave 12 plus on city. Gave 11 when we sold it in 2010. Traffic has got much worse now. So take that into mind). Kandy runs gave me 18 plus, I shit you not. Go look around and confirm yourself. They had few inherent issues and niggles at times. Fb has an active beemer group. Lots of info out there. I’m a die hard Audi guy, but in this case, BMW FTW!
  7. Is this abroad? Looked like Australia for a sec.
  8. I remember oogling at a Silver example at the Col 2 Nissan showroom back in 2011. Was a fully loaded with pano sunroof and stuff. I was super impressed by it back in the day. made me realize there are japs that come close to euros. It was parked next to a Murano which I liked even better. Ahh good days. Was(Teana) priced at around 12Mil unless I’m mistaken. How much did you grab yours for? That is, If you don’t mind mentioning of course! Nissans sadly seem to be crap in the hillbilly land. God awful cars that blow up under the hood. Asian models seem much better. ohh how I wouldn’t mind a Nice 300Z ?❤️
  9. wow. Red looks much better than I expected! Were the seats redone in black? I like the red. But then again, maybe too much red on this car.
  10. Just a minor update. Washed and waxed her. So far has been off-roading over 10 times. Performed very well. She’s been to all the parks in the country. 0 issues. But then again my brother is highly experienced off-road, so that might be why its been a breeze. We actually have plans to swap the KE-31 and drop a 4dr6. OR overhaul the KE-31 and upgrade it for more power.
  11. I’m down for a G2G after Corona is done. I guess next year would do. Hopefully the airport opens before that and let’s me in. @Devinda_Z Please don’t! I wanted to tag you. But since you were active, I thought not to. Nobody can forget you or that Z in this forum. Are you still holding the highest no of posts title? Edit. Did a quick check and found out @Pericles has the highest. P.S @Pericles cover photo is lit. ?
  12. Whatever happened to Modified fest anyway? Then again Modified cars seem less common and out of trend, So it’s inevitable I guess.
  13. I consider it an honor, That I was able to make you post more awesome restoration threads. How is your Fiat 500 sir?
  14. It’s actually @AVANTE. Guy’s planning on putting a 400 in there.
  15. Ahh no worries bro. Things happen in life! It was around 2009 wasn’t it? Did you enjoy any other fun rides while you were here?
  16. fiat fan

    Daihatsu Copen

    Hmmm... Is it a fully loaded with red/tan interior? What model is this? 2014 is kinda old for one tbh. They went for 25ish before the Virus. 30 might be ok in today’s crazy market, but even then still overpriced. I would wait for more opinions from fellow members.
  17. fiat fan

    Daihatsu Copen

    Wait till at least 2021. Prices would drop.
  18. I’m digging the yellow tbh.
  19. Btw just remembered. Did you end up buying a Rx8,while you were in hillbilly land?
  20. 1st time I’m seeing it! Super cool. Do the germans have this? Also haven’t seen it on any new lexus models.
  21. This guy was convinced that he had more taste than the guys at AR.
  22. fiat fan

    Daihatsu Copen

    Copen is usually like 200k less. unreg went from 2.7 ish to 3mil depending on spec and model grades etc. Can be heavily negotiated, they are “no market cars “ reg went from 2.5mil. Abused and engine’s are tired on most. Also most unreg cars are 2015 and such. Go for something over 2018 for good measure. I would also wait.
  23. Damnn ? Now thats a looker! Swinging AC? Care to show us poor mortals? congrats bro!
  24. Goodbye Lexus UX!

    kinda miss you, but not really...


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    2. iRage


      Lol....you should talk her in to a light blue paint job with woody panels on the side..maybe even drop in some yellow and pink flowers  :) 

    3. Kavvz


      Wha...I didn't know you rolled around in one of these? Sha! Students these days I tell you! :D So how come you don't like it? Not enough power? But more importantly what was the suspension like? 

      edit: Oh wait! My bad, I confused this with the other new Lexus the NX. My bad, the UX is based on the CH-R right? So what its not sporty to drive? That's strange...it certainly is better looking than the CH-R though...

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      @Kavvz It's actually my Mothers UX. We got it when it was newly released. Baad idea. It is based on the CHR. Looks much better. But cramped,underpowered,lacks basic features unless you pay big bucks for option packs . Also it's not even close to a SUV/crossover. Basically a Hatch trying to be a SUV. 

      Horrid 10 speed CVT. Loud slow and annoying. 

      Also Lexus has the nastiest Infotainment systems. Clunky slow and hard to control. 

      Never again Lexus. CVT and me, we are not friends.

      Not a student tbh ?

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