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  1. Does mareena shocks restore originality? how about the reliability in terms of no of kms?

    1. HaeylM


      Its just garbage, or at least it used to be a few years back. . You'd be better off investing a little more on KYB. 

      Did a replacement for shocks from mareena and it barely lasted 3 months even with city driving on carpet roads. The most dangerous part is that the shock absorber sometimes locked down and took a while to lift back when there was cargo in the back, had this happen on a tight corner at speed in hillcountry the car would lock up and end up wrecked. Had to switch to KYB gas shocks which lasted a few years. 

    2. PerfMad


      Thanks for your input. These seems to be in lot of newer cars. I'm not sure why people are swapping with those if such issues exists..

      I was told with one person who have done it like 1.5 years ago and he said it hold up pretty well closer to 20k kms.


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