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  1. Back in the day when i was searching for FIT GP hybrids, I had a look on almost all the cars available on the two main sites which are closer to me and there was this one car which had a mugen kit and looked very sporty but had above 150k on the clock. So i gave up the idea of purchasing it since it was a high millage which i wasn't looking for + didn't have proper history. But afterwards i saw the car getting advertised in different car sales one after another.

    Came across the same car yesterday accidently, and the ODO meter reading is now 89k. Just imaging what is the level of mentality of most of the car sale owners in SL.

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    2. AVANTE


      @PerfMad if that ain't the truth, haha! 

    3. AVANTE


      Bro? W124? How? 

    4. PerfMad


      Couldn't go broo. All these weekends were pretty packed up. Some of the AC related components were given to an AC shop to get it sorted, i couldn't even check whether dad collected it. Its going in a slow phase :( Even the last time i went there , there was another W124 for a full paint job with same as ours. And for a moment i thought its our one. But to see it wasn't. Im pretty sure it will get finished sooner than ours :D i was ired waiting for it to get sorted. But these things are taking forever, unless i go there more often and followp up on things. Interior is still not fixed as AC thing is needed otherwise whole dashboard has to come off again.

      But the paint looked really nice. It needs the door claddings to get fixed up and painted as well (its a two-tone colour) :D 

      Drove dads W124 after 4 months of owning the GP. I really miss driving a manual. Drove the car whole day here and there to feel how it was to ride a manual :D 

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