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  1. Any recommended vehicles to purchase below 3mil?

    Main requirements are;
    * Should be AUTO (and no 2 door vehicles please )
    * Prefer something beyond 2000 (YOM)
    * Preferably a english letter reg no
    * Fuel city 8+ is enough
    *Parts availability is a must

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    2. matroska


      The newest and least hacked option would be as gummybr mentioned the Viva Elite - but good lord 3M for a car that cost 1.5 M brand new is unbelievable !! iRage has covered the usual suspects. But What about a Honda City (3A series) from around 2002? The lesser 'popular' cars are the lesser they exchange hands and lesser probability of being hacked. 


    3. PerfMad


      @matroska true that. He is kinda into the City 2008 model more. But considering the prices of those he is thinking of going for a newer model with less visits to mechanics place. I doubt how it will go though.

      No good vehicles around these days.

    4. MaleCortana


      Sad to say this but Starlets now hover around the 2.5-3.0 mil mark

      It may have 4 doors but absolutely useless

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