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  1. You can go for a brand-new Vitara 1.0 for 6.5M around.
  2. Seems its the best SUV move to be done on the price range. However, if we have a proper fix for this issue. Any real X-Trail Hybrid owners to share more knowledge?
  3. Damn it! Its suppose to be the best SUV to move in to the SUV class with its fuel economy, roominess and the pleasure drive. Any other Nissan Hybrid owners have any comments? or solutions or tips?
  4. Kim

    Bent Alloy Wheel Repair

    All - So, can someone recommend places where they fix alloy wheel scratches and all? Thanks in advance!
  5. I guess more and more people would really invest on Hybrids with more time to come
  6. Anybody to help on this matter?
  7. Kim

    Fuel Efficiency

    toyota Allion 260 1500cc 90 octane city- 11-12km/l long distances - 15-16km/l toyota Allion 240 (2007) 1500cc 90 octane city- 11-12km/l long distances - 15-16km/l toyota Allion 240 (2002) 1500cc 90 octane city- 10-11km/l long distances - 14-15km/l
  8. Kim

    Mud Covers

    Hello Nuwankr, well if the car needs mud covers it would have been come with the car, if it doesn't that means it should not. why bother on this that much? who wants to may bulks of money for rubber anyways? Chill, and use it the way it is
  9. GT - 1.6CC and SI - 1.8CC, you must know that the GT is the sports version. Well none of this 2 will be good in fuel. But if you are a long distance user then 1.8CC will give you some good figures. I owned a GT, and 97/99 manuals of 1.5CC Ti versions, GT was never good in fuel but was faster and was good in taking corners and in breaking others gave around 10/11 in city and 14-15 out station. Still owning the 99 model/Manual car but have to get moving now - Allion's are much better if you can afford them.
  10. Happy B'day man! Wishes for U knw what..
  11. No clue on a AXIO. d NZ260 Allion does around 11.5 - 12.5 city for me
  12. 400KM a month gives you so much space to ride in a BMW or even a BENZ may be.. If it would have been me, i would still go for a another Allion knowing its comfort, fuel economy and reliability..Nothing else would let me sleep in peace than having that mind set of 'U can sell it, and its money-alike' etc and other known positive factors. (but i still know that before i die that i should own a WRX - thats when i have spare monies)
  13. Cars with | Key ON > Fuel meter ON | type of meters work perfectly, and i haven't noticed this issue on those
  14. Kim

    Chevy Camaro In Sl

    Saw her parked in a Chinese Restaurant in Flower Road - short guy drove it, and i was lucky enough to see him taking off, d whole road vibrated..DMAN! lucky dudes..they are!
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