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    HiAce supercustom ltd.
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    2.4 EFI Turbo

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  1. NO actually ..... Anyway nicely done Doc
  2. I think you just need to get the injectors cleaned? and what's wrong with the pump? anyway take it to the Toyota Lanka. they have a separate department for DENSO. They will let you know what needs to be done, most of the normal workshops/ technicians cannot do the pump repairs since they do not have equipment to diagnose the EFI pump.
  3. ferrarif50

    Rust converter

    Is this a permanent solution for rusted areas?
  4. As TwinTurbo mentioned, you need the alternator upgrade. And what are the parts you are getting from the Hiace? The dual AC unit will not fit into your roof, you may need to do some modification to the housing. What is the condenser you are planning to fit in? The single fan condenser is efficient than the dual fan condenser in the Hiace. Yes, go for the single fan one. The dual fan design was the old design which came in the 92-94 models. Regarding the rear AC, there are also 2 types of units. one with 2 coolers (old model) the other is with single cooler (new). The single cooler model is much cheaper to maintain than the other.
  5. I see you car up there the Jaaaaaag ! lovely car
  6. You should listen to him, he's the KDH specialist here
  7. Sorry! my bad yes, they are just sponsoring.
  8. This is the proper one which is done by SLIC
  9. Isn't it nice when you have some kind of AV system installed already when u r spending more than 7Mil? Its up to the user to get it changed or keep it as it is. its not something that car sellers has to decide, these are all marketing gimmicks made by car sellers. Good old days we got some really good AV systems like pioneer carrozzerias. BTW, this is not a forum like elakiri, people here knows and has some taste on good vehicles.
  10. That thing doesn't come with a good sound system?
  11. Good Stuff Davy! How did I missed this thread
  12. 2003 Hiace going around that prices?
  13. ferrarif50

    cr 41

    1 මචෝ ඉස්සරහ ටයර් එක බපර් එකේ ඇතිල්ලෙනවා. එක හද ගන්න ඕන. What's the tyre size? does it happen when you turn the wheel? as fiatLife mentioned tyre width could be the cause. But have seen these with much bigger wheels. 2 බොනෙට් එක උඩ තියෙන ගැජට් එක (අර කළු ඉර තියෙන ) දා ගන්නත් ඕන. I would get rid of all those stuff, including chrome stuff and specially the scoop. get a original bonnet with the scoop if you really want it but they are very very expensive. 3 ෆොග් ලයිට් දාගන්නත් ඕන. Try Delkanda area for genuine fog lights. 4 කට ඇන්ඩ් පොලිෂ් හෝ ලස්සන පේන්ට් කරන්නත් ඕන. Go for a cut and polish if the pain is in good condition. It would be 150K+ for a proper pain job with good stuff. Some places have this bumper with yellow fog lights. but you need to buy the full thing. And see how nice if you keep it clean
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