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    Previous Cars - Nissan Presea "Refina-F" (1998/2001): Manual, Nissan Presea "Refina" (1999/2003): Automatic, Nissan Presea "Refina-L" (2000/2004): Automatic, Nissan Presea R10 (1993): Automatic, CEFIRO A33

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  1. After going to find parts I realized how many SR20 engines are available in Sri Lanka. I mean every damn spare part shop has a SR20 engine. I thought that was rare. One day down the line when my engine wears off, I wanna swap it with an SR20. Do you think its a direct fit with the SR18 mounts? 

    1. iRage


      Just do it ;)

      Yes....I beleive the mounts are a direct fit. If I am not mistaken the main difference (where the body is concerned) between the 18 and 20 is the bore size....so things like mounts should fit. Also, since there was a version of the U13 that came with the SR20, that just confirms it a bit more. Even if not, I am sure you could get something fabricated or get the mounts off of a U13 that came with a SR20 (might have to be brand new as these thigns are pretty rare now).

      I am pretty sure there might be others who have done it...especially down under...or at least a Kiwi or two...so check around.

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