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Indica 2003 V2 Glx



Greetings Experts....

I am thinking of buying a Indica 2003 model. My budget is 10 Lakhs. I found an offer for 10 Lakhs from a second owner.

After reading the autolanka forum I found out that Indian cars don't have second value. Meanwhile it is difficult to find a Japanese cars which gives good mileage for 10 Lakhs. This will be my first car. I am not so concern about the second value. But I need some opinion about the car specifically:

1. Indica - is it a well known model for failure .. "Aapoooo epa wage ekakda?"

2. Is that offer reasonable?

3. 2003 model does not give good mileage? and new models give good mileage. Is that true? I was told 2003 model

gives 15 KM with A/C is that hard to believe?

4. If I stick to Indica model do you recommend Indica 2005 or 2008 model?

5. How good is Wagon R compare to Indica. Is that a better option compare to Indica?

6. I am not interested in Maruti and Alto as it is so small compare to Indica sized cars. Do you recommend any other indian cars like Indica


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Hard to say about price, but 6 years ago we bought ours 2003 LSi (semi option) i think, for 925,000.

Build quality isnt as good as a jap car and you feel the plasticy. Mechanically ours has been generally OK so far. There had been a leak in the power-steering pump/hose and has been fixed. Come to think of it there was another guy who owned a indica who posted on the forum about a similar issue. I dont wanna generalize, so best is to ask a few more owners and see.

But yes its a very big and spacious car compared to most current hatchbacks..

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Just thought to add some experience with Tata Indica and hope it will helpful to you.

One of my family member had a Tata Indica V2 LXI (Reg No. JY-30XX) bought brand new in May 2005 and brand new car price was Rs.1,315,000/= including VAT.

We sold it 5 moths ago and mileage was around 37,000km.

It has 1400cc engine and fuel economy was not so good as an Alto.

However we didn't have any engine problems and for last emission test I my self brought the car there and first instance it passed nicely.

Regarding interior , its dashboard is the worst dashboard I have ever seen. It is spoiled due to sunlight and we replaced it with a cleaned dashboard from the agent at a lower cost. This is very common issue with Tata Indica.

We replaced some bearings fixed to rear wheels and power shutters switch set fixed near to the gear shaft.

However it is a spacious car.

This is my experience with Tata Indica.

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Thanks for your comments Watchman. Can I ask you about the mileage of your car. Specially you have 2003, How good is the mileage?

I cant comment on the fuel consumption, since we converted ours to diesel soon after we got it (didnt run the petrol engine for even a week).. Diesel's pretty decent consumption though I dont remember the numbers.. You might be able to buy some of the 2008 permit original diesel indicas at a higher but decent price i guess.

I agree.. the plastics and the interior is quite bad... its not cracked or damaged but feels very plastic.. but hey you cant expect a lot for that price.. and since the seats are a bit higher up the seating is comfortable and spacious.. read can hold 3 people without a issue, and 4 if they're not fatsos...

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