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How To Ensure The Longevity Of The Common Rail Diesel Pump?


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Hello guys,

I did some searching on the forum regarding this topic but was unable to find pin pointed discussions on how to maintain a car with a common rail diesel engine. I have spoken to a few people on this and from what i have gathered so far, it is advisable to let the engine idle for atleast for 1 min once you start up the engine in the morning to get the oil flow circulated around the pump for lubrication. i have been informed that oil seals are prone to get worn out due to high operating temperatures and various other reasons.

And also since my car does not have a turbo timer, it is advisable to leave the engine idling again for like 30 secs before shutting off the engine. I'd like to know the reason behind this if an expert could guide me through. I put super diesel on my car and that is another MUST for a car with common rail engine, besides the manufacturers have recommended the user to feed it higher octane anyway.

However, I'd like to hear some opinions from the experts and have a good discussion on this. Thanks in advance.

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Well it is always better to idle the car for about 30 seconds before you shut down and drive at a rpm of below 2,500 the last 2 KM's or so. It helps to idle the engine before shutting off so that it allows the turbo to cool down and avoid oil getting cooked in the shaft, bearing seals etc causing pressure to build up over time, which leads to the blowing up of the turbo. But with the modern diesel oil's this effect has been minimized, but not eliminated. Better safe than sorry

Never idle a CRDI to warm up, just take it easy the first 10 or 15 mins of driving. Using a diesel for short distance travel can have detrimental effects on the engine overtime. Also make sure you change the breather valve often, if it is the sponge variant that tends to get clogged overtime.

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