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Honda NSR250 MC21/MC28's in Srilanka


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Hi, I am hunting for a MC21 or a MC 28 250 for months but couldn't find a single one on the usual classifieds. Since it is a nostalgic and unique bike to own, I have plans of getting one and restoring from the ground up for some track day duties. Could someone point out whether there are any MC21's or MC28's in Srilanka and anyone would want to part out from their beauty. I like the MC22's also so any pointers would help me choose the right motorcycle for me. Thanks in Advance  

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Ah the Two Stroke 250s :) Those died down quite some time back. I think the last one I saw was around 7 years ago. Don't think you will find anything on the classifieds mate. You will have a better chance of finding one lying at the back of roadside repair joints that repairs Japanese bikes. You can try the shops that break bikes along maligawatta also. Not many of them do Japanese bikes now but might be worth a shot. 

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LOL Honda Never had NSR MC22 model so I don't think you can find it on this world ;)


1987 NSR250R MC16
1988 NSR250R MC18 R2
1988 NSR250R SP R4 Rothmans MC18
1989 NSR250R MC18 R5
1989 NSR250R SP MC18 R6
1990 NSR250R MC21
1990 NSR250R SP MC21
1991 NSR250R MC21
1991 NSR250SE MC21
1992 NSR250R MC21
1992 NSR250R SP MC21
1992 NSR250SP Rothmans MC21
1993 NSR250SE MC21
1994 NSR250R MC28
1994 NSR250R SP Rothmans
1994 NSR250SE MC28
1995 NSR250R SP HRC
1996 NSR250R SP Repsol
1996 NSR250SE MC28

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