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:: Auto Show @ Bmich ::

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ok... went for the show on saturday at the said time... didnt see much of you guys in there though.. met Andy at the Entrance Bored to death... :lol:, met WCC with his performance Noah in the Pet#o stall... ( atleast somebody was having fun over there ).., met Asanka and the gang and saw his wide body kit Del-Sol ( nicely done ), met Dimantha and Aravinda inside... other than that there was not much to see.... just some stalls with stuff in them and more stalls with stuff in them... I think the whole of Darley Road was there though...

The Yamaha Stall was something to see with some real cool powerful bikes.. 1650cc... when asked they said they'll be taking them back to japan after the show... saw Dumi##a's Flying machine... however LR had a good show outside... anyways AutoVision been the main Organizing body they should have done some thing more than this...

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Sounds as if i havnt missed much.. Was too lazy to go anyways.. lol..

Definitely not. The show was too boring. :lol: Went on Sat evening & didn't meet anybody.

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i came though i never saw the models!!!

the attractions were superb

especially the bike corner!!!!!!!!!!

YAM man only they bring bigbikes to show

others bring nothing!!!!!

u wanna c da honda big bikes come to dehiwala :)

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Im not impressed! Leading car agets were missing..only three classic/vintage cars were there...only one Mini,few number of super cars and not even enough space to move around :)

Ahhhh, see didnt i warn you brother? The car park was better I guess...I am sure people are disapointed

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