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Project R - January 11th 2013




so, since half the interior is out, i decided what the hey and went ahead with the color change. no point in putting it all back and taking it out again, noh?


also brought the floor carpet with me and the seatbelts to be coated black.

indika doesn't mince his words when he said "i'll make sure you can't even tell this was ever any shade other than white". wow. pretty thorough. yesterday his tinker dude was sitting there marking the lines of the car. he sees the dents that i never knew were there.

plus, i think they suspect i'm a little psycho. none of the other car owners come, sit, pat their cars and talk to it calling it "baby" and "honey" with false promises like "it wont hurt" "i miss you" "we'll be together soon" etc.

the looks i get, i tell you...


a few more goodies rolled in over the last few days:

thought i'd have a standby gearknob... spec ITR... brushed aluminium, 16oz.


and of course, another completely useless thing: mittens for the clutch and brake fluid reservoirs...






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