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  1. I do most/all of the my car service from My friend, who previously work for Kund*le as an Technician Very good troubleshooter , if interested I can share the number
  2. Very interesting re-building. Dream to do such job... much interesting to read Mr Sylvi @Sylvimemories... Love it ❤️
  3. My FD1 best Fuel consumption as at now is - 12.32km/l Worse 8.94km/L
  4. Thanks @Davy Will try in when get spare time and sure will post the pictures here Cheers Amila
  5. Hi Davy @Davy very nice job, I have lancer CS 3 and rim having same kind of damage, interested to do same kind of DIY job. Could you pls give me the brand and type of paint you use for this? (if giving brand name is violation of rule, appreciate if you can PM me. Is this putty can buy in Sri Lanka? Thanks regards Amila
  6. Hi Im also looking for "Engine Oil dip stick" - "thel koora" for my 2003 CS3. Stick has been braked from its neck and separated plastic handle and metal stick. Checked most spare parts places in Katugastota area and didnt find it. Search on Ebay and Amozon not get result. Where I can find this ? Thanks Amia
  7. Hi, I Have 1997 EP 91 Starlet Carrot manual, Really really nice small machine, Very good handling, easy to drive. Driven in all type of roads with out any issue. fuel economy vary - 12km/L to 18km/L Not had any major issue in last 4 years, only did running maintenance. Amila
  8. Hi How I check what type of engine is mine CS3 ? Thanks Amila
  9. Most of time, mixing ration is indicated in label. (if it is water mixing type) There are some coolant in the market which use as it is without diluting Amila
  10. Hi, Yes, I know. After paying for Car my pocket is almost empty and not have luck to expend half a lack too replace Timing Belt. Sun brand also recommend 100,000 km but I don't want to wait till that much and willing to replace Timing Belt withing 50,000 km or less Thanks Amila
  11. amilaart

    H4 Hid Or Led

    Hi Magnum Try to take pictures of before and after , but my Phone poor camera quality not grab much lights in the night and pictures are almost black. This is the first try of purchasing vehicle related parts from Ebay. Bulb come in to door steps without any issue. Is any one having experience with purchasing parts from Ebay which can not deliver by local Post man. Are they charge TAX before clearing ? Thanks Amila
  12. Further, What is the advantage of this specific brand/ type of wheels other than its beauty ?
  13. Hi I did Timing belt change for my Lancer CS3 2003 . Agent was quoted something around 48k to do the Timing Belt replacement, hence go for my mechanics to do it. This is the cost for your information, might be you will help this. Parts purchased from Kandy Cha**n motors. Timing belt - Sun brand Rs 3750 Oil seal 1- Rs 750 Oil seal 2 - Rs 350 Some other part - Can't remind name - Rs 2950 Labor cost - Rs 1500 Total cost for T-Belt replacement - Rs 9300 Thanks Amila
  14. amilaart

    H4 Hid Or Led

    Hi Purchased Osram Unlimited from Ebay from NRX suggested seller. Fix in to my Lancer CS3. Their is improvement in visibility now, Thankx for the helping guys Amila
  15. As per my knowladge when battery power getting decrease remote working distance also gradually decrease. That mean, in one year back you can lock/unlock ur car from 100m away and now you need to close at least 50m to ur car for lock/unlock Amila
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