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  1. Yes Elite is my best choice but i want to know your valuable ideas, if any other model better that elite in my budget thanks so much and really appreciate your help.. ☺️
  2. civic is performance base not suite me CS1 imeam 1300cc so how it dose in city ? value for money mean 1st car to 2nd car time period i'm looking at least 5 to 10 years or more
  3. Celerio and K10 are there any issues with AMT... Elite is less trouble car in generally what about Celerio and K10 compare to Elite
  4. My Dear Friends, I am planning to buy a car with a budget around 1.8 mn to 2.2 mn 1.Looking for auto 1000cc or more (traveling to office) 2.Mileage 12 or more in city (ordinary driving style) 3.Less maintenance (more reliable) 4.Resale value (value for money) ref- Elite 2012/ K10 2015 /110 Corolla 2000 currently Elite is my best choice but it's 6 years old now good 110 is hard to find and K10 is little bit over my budget (not a Indian fan).... any other options are warmly welcome Thanks!
  5. hyundai grand i10 its suits your expectation http://www.hyundai.com/in/en/Shopping/ShoppingTools/RequestBrochure/BrochureDownload/index.html?wwn_country_code=IN&modelCode=PE&incomeType=PIP
  6. Elite is New and good on fuel it's the best option to you i think ..
  7. any idea where to find micro MPV van spare parts i need ,clutch plate and pressure plate. i here some hi-jet parts can fit with micro but no idea... it is possible to purchase online??any suggestion thanks!!
  8. if you looking unregistered one Toyota Pixis is ok and if you move your budget bit upper Toyota Aqua 2012 fare better than Honda it cost around 3.8 mark i recommending Aqua is best option to you
  9. ha ha you told "decided to go for an economical car" never told unregistered or manufacture year by the way i like that car. best of luck ..
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