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Mitsubshi 4Dr5


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I am planning to buy Mitsubishi 4DR5 jeep for persaonal use.

I want to know how is diesel consumption and spear parts avelability.

What is the best model in 4DR5 series

Please help me.


The best in terms of what? daily usage or off-road ? If it's daily usage I would say a J44 - 2nd Generation (usually referred in SL as beyond 31 sri 5000 series and the 31 sri 9000 series holds the best market/re-sale value. Second generation you can usually identify by the upgraded doors, better air/water tight overall, the front wind-shield panel cannot be folded down as it's welded to the body (in 1st gen you can fold it if required). Engine is 4DR51A (which delivers better top end torque)or something where as in the first gen it's 50A.

If you need an off road utility, then best is to go for a J55/56.

Spare parts availability is a subjective matter on what spares required. Usually available but some spare parts can be b**ch to find. Had a hard time in sourcing the starter motor and the solenoid which triggers the starter motor and such rare parts are pretty expensive and exaggerated prices I would say. From what I've experienced, fuel consumption was somewhere around 12 kmpl in city driving without A/C.

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