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Mitsubishi Delica Po5


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My dad still using the P25 (4WD) model Delica and he is reluctant to sell that Big boy's Toy our P25 is 96 Model and not sure what YOM you after?

But from my understanding 86 to 07 it’s the same design

You will get the Van with 4D56 or 4D56T (Turbo) very powerful with turbo but economical on non-turbo model

Only very few original Star wagon's in SL but lots of SL converted in very good condition (Including ours)

Original star wagon should be with suspension at the back not the leaf springs

And that is the easy way to find the van is original or not

Most of the parts (Engine/ sus) are based on L200 or the pajero

Body parts are freely available, (Lots of Modification parts like footboards, crash bar etc.)

As per my dad its 8/9 km/L with D A/C I kw it is low but its P25 Pride and Joy

Comfort side, It’s a VAN so not comfort as a car but you can use the Adjustable Shocks with famous brand to make it better, once we try with oil shocks and it’s like driving a horse

Bad points:

Few oil leaks are normal

Rust on the edge of the back door glass and Rust near the drain lines

Ball joints issue (This is on 4WD model and its cost you to replace 60k to 75k to replace front ball joints and rack ends but those are not the genuine JAP parts) and can't drive much Km's with this and over this 10 yrs of time we used few dealers in Panchikawaththa every one is same

Upper Arm bushes are not available (2 models available) one with inner and outer steel which is easy to find and steel outer with plastic inner not available in SL so better change the unit to a steel model

Slave clutch pump washer issue (Better keep extra set)

Most of the above details are just not what I/we faced with our VAN but I got few mates back in SL with same model and we share our experience

PS: Its fun to drive and 4WD takes most of the places that other VAN's can't take you

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You will get the Van with 4D56 or 4D56T (Turbo) very powerful with turbo but economical on non-turbo model

JC, shouldn't it be the other way around? Shouldn't the turbo be more economical?

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