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Kia Picanto 2005, stopped suddenly and didn't pick up in any gear




When I was driving in the night (both headlights and A/C on) I had to break suddenly. The engine got stopped but didn't have any problem when starting again. I forgot to off my headlights and AC when starting the car. Then I noticed my car is not picking up, tried 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear but didn't pick up. I did drive nearly 1km slowly then everything back to normal. This happened two days back but now seems ok. 

I checked my Accelerator cable and noticed that the cable has become thin from the pedal side. 


Any guess? Problem with  my cable? or gear box? 

Anyway I'm planning to replace my accelerator cable. 

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Its a bit difficult to judge by the symptoms u have mentioned. It could be anything from a faulty spark plug wire to a faulty pedal sensor.

As you bought the car recently, have u taken it to the agent for a tjorough check up? I suggest getting it checked and then u can even get the repairs done elsewhere.

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It happened again yesterday twice.

In the morning stopped the car for traffic lights. When moving forward changed to 2nd gear and acceleratored, felt like engine is not picking up. changed to 1st, moved slowly, then changed to 2nd, and 3rd didn't move. Had to wait for a while and changed to 2nd gear and moved very slowly. On the 4th gear picked up like nothing happened. 

In the evening,on my way home, had to break suddenly as a Tuk Tuk guy turned to the main road like a killer. I saw the engine indicator popped up (engine was running) but did not pick up the car. Tried 1st gear, did not pick up, 2nd slowly moved, 3rd didn't pick up... When it starts moving slowly changed to 4th gear, picked up and changed to 3rd again didn't pick up. It worked on 2nd and 4th gear. 

Anyway, I'm taking the car to Kia Motors (Peliyagoda) on this Friday. 



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