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Hybrid battery disposal



Dear all,

I've done a Hybrid battery replacement for my Axio Hybrid with Toy#ta L#nka.

My questions are;

1. Is there any value for the old Hybrid battery ( cell life is around 6%)?

2.If not how can I donate/dispose the battery without harming the Environment ( heard that the battery contain some toxic heavy metals)?

Thank you  

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Hello @ASH1234,

Welcome to the forum.

Toy#ta L#nka did not accept your old battery? I think they should do it. Yes we can not simply dispose these NiMh batteries to the environment. Sadly these used NiMh batteries don't have any market value like Leaf Lithium batteries. Used Leaf batteries are mostly using for solar off grid energy store. A Lithium battery module with 3 battery bars (SOH around 30% and which contain 160-170 Wh ) can sell around Rs. 2000-3000 these days.

Your NiMh one module can store 46.8Wh when its new. If the current capacity reduce to 6% the value is 2.808Wh. That's why its not mostly using even for solar off grid energy store. But still some people (including me) using these NiMh modules for store energy. I have 3 complete Prius batteries (28x3 modules) in my home. It can energize only five LED lamps. I gave Rs. 3000 for those batteries few months ago.

If you wish to donate the battery, I may contact some person to collect it. That will depend with your living area. Sometimes you may sell a single module for Rs. 50-100. Send me a PM if you wish.

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