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Problem starting my 2013 Toyota Hilux when it has been standing in the full sun




If anyone could give me a advice on this problem then I would really appreciate it. 

The Toyota Hilux is a 2013 double cab build in South Africa 2.0 litre Turbo Diesel. Chassis Nr AHTER32****** <moderator censored VIN number for safety reasons> .

I have had the vehicle since new and she has had no accidents and has been trouble free. 

About a month ago I put in bad fuel and this resulted in getting stuck on the side of the high way with in 5 km',  my diesel fuel filter was clogged. I replaced this and problem was gone for 1 day. The next afternoon, after using the Hilux all day, in the late afternoon The car got stuck after starting for 1 second and then died. 

After that I noticed that there was no pressure with the hand pump in the fuel line. So I pressurised the diesel line and again the Hilux started for 1 second. 

I could not get the Hilux restarted. Early that evening when the Hikes was cooled off I tried starting it and it started completely normal again. 

next morning it did the same. I then started noticing a pattern that only when the car was standing in the full sun and it was hot I could not start it again. 

So I did the following tests to try and isolate the problem.

Filled the tank with diesel full and when the Hilux was still cool in the morning I filled a glass of Diesel and stuck the line from the filter to the pump in the glass of diesel and the Hiklux started easy and normal and ran until the glass was empty. 

On these days I use the car all day long and if I don't park the car in a sport too long with midday till afternoon sun it starts normally always.

Afternoons mainly or vehicle in the full sun and engine block is hot, it won't start. as described above.

Then when it does not start I again fill a glass with Diesel and which is easy to do. so it is not the tank or the filter or an airlock etc.  as it seems.

I then try and start the Hilux the same way, as when the vehicle is cold, with the pipe coming from the filter and hand pump to the diesel pump.  Putting this pipe in the glass jar and the vice does not start. have to wait for a 3 to 4 hours till well after sunset for it to start again. 

I have had the vehicle the agents and at Bosch and no one has been able to give me any conclusive advice,

They are under the impression it is in my alarm system. 

The only part it seems to be to me is the fuel solenoid or fuel shut off solenoid. 

As the agent doe snort have it in stock and it will take a month to get this. I would like to be certain of what do? 

has any one of you experienced anything like this before.? 

Or have any advice for me? 


thank you very much Jacom






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