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Project R - January 1st 2013




got two more little items yesterday. delayed shipment:


aluminium dual core radiator with a reserve tank. malaysian make.

and of course, what every b18c can't do without: a torque damper!


also handing in the rear seats today for upholstery.

more updates to follow. dad's customs agent is clearing the spec type R strut tower bar today.

and i'm handing the bumper over to ajitha (very gingerly) to fabricate a new one. lets see what the fiber-castell can spin up for me.


so here's the front after the tinkering was done:


and then that layer of NH-0. a teaser of things to come :)


also, handed in the rear seats to be reupholstered in black weave fabric, with red herringbone stitch. notwo tone nonsense. just plain black. here's the before shot. this, on monday, should look epic!


also, had a chat with indika regarding the front bumper. he says he can fix it to my specs, so i thought i'd let him. it'd be a damned sight cheaper and nothing comes close to the real thing, i guess...


a little more type R goodness. the front strut tower. taxed only 1250. could kiss mr customs man. lucky break.

and of course the power window master switch. the springs on mine were broken so found a replacement.



ooh ooh look what came today!!


its the little emblem that goes below the handbrake.


there are a few things that give me goosebumps. one such is that bar in its place. <3


also, the dash and other tidbits from the interior arrived today. looking mint. very happy with the finish.







its a sikkens nanotech epoxy paint (satin black) used for interiors. not available everywhere. my paint guy said he got in touch with sikkens distributors to inquire what was the best paint for the job, since this is not a regular do. said that this coat is electrolyte (sweat) and heat resistant, as in it wont fade off. but a sharp object can scratch it off, tho. and my garage mechs aren't the most careful of people...



photo (54).JPG



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