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Project R - January 23rd 2013




an interesting eBay story:

was looking for the black seatbelts all over the place. since i changed the interior color. attempted spraying the existing ones. since that would win me that darwin award again, gave up the idea. then did some seatbelt research and found out that belts are not interchangeable with anything else as this car has dual airbags. the EG doesn't. so anyways, found what i was looking for on ebay:


sadly, only coupe. no 4 door sedan listings. out of curiosity, contacted the seller.

the seller, Steve from sportsnimports, went through the trouble of:

1. checking whether the 2 door and 4 door match

2. scouring through 25 integras in his yard to find black belts in good condition

3. pressure washed them and rubbed out the rust, olied them up etc etc

4. made a listing for me and put it up

... all for $50.

the closest quotation i got from our local boys for the seatbelt set of an EG ( i would have had to say good bye to pretensioning and then get killed by the airbag, mind you) was 18,500.

i wish our parts guys shared an iota of this guys' work ethic. very very impressed!

in other news, found the entire JDM decal set from the type R DC2 teg. OEM honda stickers. you know, the jap stuff that say 91octane unleaded in the fuel lid, and the color code and tyre pressure on the door, and the SRS thingey on the sun visor. waiting for a stressed out moment to place the order





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