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Project R - February 9th 2013




here's the goods that came down end of january:

amber turn signals. as i said, no smoke signals this time round...


some bling for the engine bay: a godspeed high flow fuel rail, capable of handling 1000cc injectors, and a build upto 1000HP. now that i would, of course. and it wouldn't be complete without a fuel pressure gauge!



a lucky strike after much searching for that elusive "perfomance silent exhaust system" that had me being laughed at by various petrolheads! an APEXi world sport 2 muffler. need to fabricate a piping for this once the rest is done:


also managed to chase down a can of VHT wrinkle red for the valce cover and calipers. hooray! thanks Chang!


there's more: sickspeed red washers to dress up the engine bay and quarterpanel mounts. would look nice on white



and then there's the red plug wires. you didn't really think i would NOT get red plug wires now, did you?


and finally, my crowning glory, the cherry on the cake: the two thrones: reclinable racing buckets from SSCUS malaysia:


in case you're wondering, i sat in them and was doing the imaginary lap. and i thought i was bad until lakmal came over, sat down and did the same with a little bit of double clutching too. even he can be excused... my wife came home, and had to take a spin as well!





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