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Project R - July 13th 2013




here's the idle lope described by brian crower. it only happens when the car is pushed a little. otherwise idles just fine. quite cool to listen to it breathing like this!



in a rather odd move, i reverted back to the stock cold air intake. reasons being:

1. no matter how good an aftermarket cone is, our dust and debris are BETTER! and after kelum put so much hard work into building that engine, and me into paying for it, i don't wanna ruin it knowingly.

2. when the engine bay temperature rises, there's a noticeable drop in power. it pulls like a biatch in the mornings and on cold starts, but stops soon afterwards. mind you the stock intake is a cold air intake, sucking in air from under the right quarterpanel, through two boxes.

3. it makes a lovely high pitched whistle/whine. the simota cone was a raspy sound like someone punched a laryngectomy patient hard in the plums...


and here's a video of the fuel pressure gauge, as promised to cyclist. that's not my voice in the background... :)






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