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Project R - August 29th 2013




finally managed to bite the bullet and get a good set of coilovers. after much ruminating and constipating over the deicision, went with GAB adjustable coilovers. they're the same spec as D2, with 36 way adjustable dampening and ride height as well. and local agency (a proper one, not a catfought badu-wali type agency like d2's) being around means parts are easy to ship in. also they're the cheapest option. d2's would have been at least 40,000 more.

and the ride... my god, the ride! what the hell was i doing with those coils and dampers? the car is finally coming alive! holy crap its so comfy! doens't bounce like a golden key cheque, and is just sex on wheels! sex!!


installed at project performance, behind no limit in mount lavinia. guys know what they're doing, and set the damper settings and ride height perfectly.



here's the all important little doohickey! 36 clicks this way and that. right now its set just south of midway.


aand the final ride height. took it for a spin. this was too low. the mud flaps were sweeping the road. so we raised it half an inch



met an interesting chap at the garage. he mistook the teg for zackie's car. after he had his moment, i quietly explained to him that this is mine. he then asks me, "so who's car is this?" to which i had to repeat "look, i'm suneth, and this is my car" how much simpler can i make it? just because someone with a racing pedigree didn't build it, doensn't mean it's not any good...

haney mehemath minissu


An update:

The front camber has gone a little askew. It's at it's max possible adjustment, but still negative 2.5 right and 1.2 left. Very odd. Have to lengthen the camber adjustment holes on the upper arms and get it set properly. Have no idea what caused that.

Also removed the front lower member brace. Hit a rock at 5kmph outsi the garage and this dastardly thing warped out of shape. Was putting undue stress on the suspension, and obstructing the gear shifter linkage. So I swallowed my pride and removed it. Useless junk, that was.


Gave the front mudflaps to Ajitha to make a mould and do a new pair that were shorter, so I don't look like that dog without ABS being dragged into the water. It was also ruining the flaps. He should be done with it in a day or two

Waiting for a quotation from Kapruka for the brakes

And of course saving money to go see Zackie for that all important tune




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