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Project R - April 1st 2014




after 2 months of waiting, my shifter linkage parts finally arrived.

prothane bushings, with brass washers

linkage pin and clip. that pin costs 5000 here, but 5$ OEM honda part on ebay.

here's the shifter play before installing:


and here's the shifter after installing. feels so silky smooth... almost like hot caramel syrup on hirunika's thigh...


this feels so good, its unbeleivable. really feels like a shifter of a brand new car. well worth the investment.

also, got the play in the passenger seat fixed (again. for good this time round tho)

and a humming noise in the engine, due to a vacuum valve being faulty. got that replaced as well.

now working hard on the said tuning magic, and trying to find a front bumper.

this just never ends, does it??

lots more little little things to do.


She's back at ashans for that last great tune up. The BC cams are going to go back in, the proper way this time. And get degreed in, advanced/retarded etc. capped off with a custom tune from Ashan...

... On a hondata s300 version 2.0 chipped ecu :)


i give the car to ashan on monday. tuesday afternoon i get this photo:


first tuning run tomorrow apparently. i'm still wrapping my head around how an engine comes out, cames get instaleld and degreed in, and then goes back in and car drives away all in 48 hours, in sri lanka!

apparently, the cams have to be degreed in, while factoring the crank angle as well. which is what is going on here. you learn something new everyday


hummana hummana hummana!


so apparently the contents of that box, does this to one's car:

that's on third gear. VTEC crossover at 6000rpm. no jerky business. a smooth transition. ashan removed the resonator of the intake to improve air flow. need to customize an intake pipe out to the bottom later.

but oh my word...


this is with, of course, silyl shifting by moi, and the tachometer seems to have started to do the disco. going back after avurudu to reign in that bad boy.




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