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  1. Hi guys, looking to buy a pickup for around 3mil. Navara seems to be a good buy, because its cheap. But why is it so cheap? I read the forums. Reviews are mixed. I'm not concerned about the fuel economy. But i'm concerned about reliability and cost of repairs. Is the renault engine so bad? The older D22 models are more expensive than the Navara, and ten years older!! Honestly, it can't be that bad?
  2. Yeah exactly, I'd rather go for a non trashed Hyundai, given market perception its priced quite low and saw a few decent examples. Just want to know is it a good buy. I don't care if the interior plastics are bad, just mechanical reliability. My long term daily is an Alfa, so I want something that can be fixed with a hammer if necessary. Most of the Japs in my budget are trashed and way too old. Have no experience with older Hyundais/Kia, so bit wary of the English numbered Accents going for rock bottom prices.
  3. Hi guys, i'm looking for a cheap car around 1.3mil or less. Must be Automatic, preferably a sedan/wagon as a city runabout. 2001 Hyundai Accent, Elantras and Kia Rios caught my eye. While I know that they are not like Korean cars of today, is it advisable? Similarly prices jap ones are either too old or have way too many issues. Thoughts please?
  4. Hi guys, can anyone point me to a place where I can get an aftermarket cupholder for my car? Thanks!

  5. Driving dynamics? Jaguar? The newer ones maybe. But the old X and S type were pretty bad. Jag's are cruisers. Extremely comfortable, but definitely not a driver's car. This is aside from the fact that the old S and X type were a Ford parts bin special.
  6. Seriously? I drive a proper baby seal killing gas guzzler, but even I admit the Model S is nothing short of amazing. Biggest advantage is a S-Class (sort of) sized full size car for 5% import duty. It is a beautiful car, spec it up properly and you have nearly 500km of range, if you get the high performance version, you can put it into "Insane Mode" (Because Sports Mode is just so 20th century) which means 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds, That's Veyron territory. Also it can drive itself (Doubt it'll work here in Sri Lanka). Its autonomous mode was so good that they had to reduce functionality because people were not paying attention while "driving". All this for about 12-13 mil makes it a bargain, only if you are willing to take the risk of an unproven/unsupported product in Sri Lanka. If i'm in the market for a car in that price range, I know I would.
  7. rayman

    Alloy Wheels

    Hi guys, any place to get used premium alloys in Sri Lanka? Flirting with the idea of 17"s
  8. rayman


    I agree, the old format is better. Not having many filters made it easier to see all whats available at a glance. Also the new layout is clunky and slow. Don't bother with A/L ads anymore. (Sorry A/L!)
  9. Actually I've seen a Maruti and even a CherryQQ imported on permits. But this is probably because the owner couldn't afford anything else at the time. But these are in the minority. But seriously PreseaLover, you need to get over your "love"/(feish) for your Presea. People here love their cars, whether it be a fancy rare euro, a vintage/classic or even their own daily running cars. But I have never seen any petrol head who personifies a car to the extent as you!!! There is a difference between a car and a woman bro.
  10. Do not buy a Japanese diesel engine converted one. You will regret it,
  11. Please contact Noel 0774044516. His workshop is in Thalawathugoda. Noel is a Fiat/Alfa specialist.
  12. You do have a point. I have a Euro, which has no official support in Sri Lanka apart from a few independent specialists. They are not cheap. But I manage to maintain my car because I am very active on the forums abroad, built up contacts here and abroad to send me spare parts, buy parts online etc. So an average guy usually ends up spending through the nose and eventually ends up hating the car. I know I spent a lot initially. So for the average guy on a shoestring budget, an Euro may not be the wisest choice.
  13. You've watched farr to much TV as a kid.
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