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  1. Ya both were made off the same script, but the designing part is where something has gone wrong
  2. Sad to see the car wrecked. But nice work with the insurance guys. And very informative thread
  3. Hasn't reached me yet, on the way. Will update when i get it
  4. Wanted to get a J1 but went for a E-PM2 instead
  5. Yes, i think i have seen an ad of this car on AL sometime back.
  6. ^ LOL true story!! I also don't think it's a car for anyone to rush for, make an offer and wait for it
  7. ^ cons: i have heard they're slightly heavy compared to drums, not a tradeoff compared to the braking improvement and the coolness factor You have to replace both rear wheel hubs that come along with trailing arms. EK ones are also usable, EK lower control arms are different though.
  8. Yes, you can. Or better yet, you can get one for 11 lakhs and spend the rest to restore it the way you want.
  9. EG8s are also an option, but not easy to hunt down a good condition one for a this price range, specially a vtec model. By reading above posts, i think given the age/mileage of these cars, all these models need similar repairs done.
  10. In one of our vehicles, before the one day transfer of a CR, it had 4 owners listed since the first registration (old CR), after the transfer it had 14 owners, still had same names for previous owners (new one shows only last 3 owners, i think). Din't bother to go back and change it again.
  11. Neat engine bay!! Feeling kinda jealous
  12. The Official Car Park thread; where you post pics of parked cars. You sneak in to a parking lot and take pics and post them on AL, so that everyone can have a look at them gorgeous beauties
  13. What happened to that B4 anyway?
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