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  1. tuner88

    Primera P11

    congratz waw nice P11 and it has sunroof too <3 love that color mate
  2. Nadeera Only does Race-car work these days, i know this because I've personally asked this from him. PAS is good, but you may have to wait in a queue, but please call and ask and it won't be cheaper at all. but my personal opinion for you is to try a good local mechanic as this is just a swap job, then you can go for good tuner after. wherever you go make sure to leave de car with safe hands. as these 4AGE BT parts are highly demanding now, every piece of part has its own price . try Saheeq nana at Shaz Auto too he knows his 4AGE's well and Nilantha at Dehiwala. i have both the contact
  3. whats your car mate Toyota Windom?
  4. I'm also driving a carina AT210, don't go for KAS at all cost. i'll inbox my number gimme a call
  5. tuner88


    yeah true. please check your check engine light first some maka-basaes remove them so as they do to ABS
  6. where are you from Kandy, and what is de car machan?
  7. yeah Muditha has done excellent job communicating with Tein , there is another brand call GAB as well, Tein will be expensive compared to them, try yahoo jap auctions you might be able to order some your self
  8. sadly if you don't have a the car horn, you're done!!! some bikers and tuks don't even care to turn their lights on when it's gloomy and dark. anyways it's fine as police only find them selves with " double ira and thani ira"
  9. indeed a story of two gentlemen , happy to hear that too
  10. i'm back in days since we had those Hard Truck/KOR
  11. ah that explains the rear tail light confusion i had mmm, anyways chances are some what "nil" for me now as the asking price is bit over my budget
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