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Hilux Ln85


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My requirement is to find a double cab for the price of around 1.3 or 1.4 million - ideally i want a 4wd cab since i want to travel on really poor roads in the NW province. But for my price i saw that the Hilux LN106 was too expensive.( from the searches i did - 1.6/1.8 even 2 million).

That narrows down my options to the Hilux LN85 and 2wd cabs.

What i want to know-

a ) is it possible to maintain/ find spare parts for LN85 as they are quite old now? what should i look out for if i'm buying one?

b ) the other option is 2wd cabs - i checked 2 L200's which were almost low as my current station wagon. Is it the same for all 2wd models? Does the Hilux or Nissan d-cabs have better ground clearance? from 2wd cabs which one out of Hilux, Nissan ,L200 is better suited for rough roads (i.e. come closest to a 4WD) ? for my budget which YOM 2wd would i be able to fetch?

New to d/Cabs - so guys help me. I did a search and also posted on a similar topic but the specific info needed wasnt there - and no replies to my post on the other topic - so posting the ques. again.

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I'd say give the LN85 a shot.....not too sure re spare body parts, lights etc, but the mechanical spares are generally found. A friend had one for a while and he said that parts were generally ok to find. However this was about 2 years back he he.... :rolleyes:

On the other hand if you find a good specimen that hasn't been "brutalised' by the previous owner, you should be good to go.

The engine and drivetrain being what it is, are easy to fix, even if it means a temporary fix till you get the proper parts, drive back to civilisation etc.

I'm sure there are many more members here that can shed some light on the 85 more than I.

All the best anyway.

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