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How To: Stabilizer Bar Bushings


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This should be pretty straight forward. If you notice and rattling sounds, it moves up and down or you notice the bushings are shot it's probably time for new stabilizer bar bushings.


By janithn at 2011-10-11

If it's stretched out like this, it's really time to change it.

Basically all you will need is:

1. jack and jack stands.

2. open end wrench (size depends on your car)

3. wd40 (It's always a good idea to use some when attacking bolts such as these.

4. New bushings.. You would either need to go to a dealer who can run your chassis number and find the part or take everything down, leave the cae on the jack and take a trip to the parts store.

So here's where you start.

Loosen the bolts (but not remove) of you wheels.

Use the jack to lift the car up and place the jack stands at an appropriate place to support the car (make sure both front wheel are off the ground).

Remove wheels.

At this point you will see your stabilizer bar. Follow the bar until you see/ feel the bushing and bracket. Remove the bracket and the bushing.


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Next just put in the new bushing around the bar(some bushings till not be cut at the bottom, if the replacement is not, make sure you make a straight cut though the bottom center of the new bushing).

Put the bracket back in place and bolt it. Do the same on the other side. Put the wheels back on, make sure you torque em and drive off.

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