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Could It Be The Busted Engine Mounts


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So I went car hunting the other day and there was a 1990 FB13 petrol car with 230k on the clock, I asked the owner to fire up the thing with the bonnet opened and noticed the engine ( Only the part where you have pistons and all :action-smiley-060: ) vibrates about a centimeter or two towards the dashboard and the radiator and so forth, I'm all new to this field and was bit skeptical about that particular car, besides it was noisy as a diesel engine, is this vibration normal, could it be the symptoms of busted engine mounts ?? :blink:

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I think its normal. I've noticed it in all the cars our family owned (diesels) transverse or horizontally mounted. The engine rocks in an angle perpendicular to the crank. Its due to the counter torque in reaction to the torque of the engine.

Though its a visible rocking, I've never gotten into the detail of measuring it, but 1cm does feel like a lot, and tightening the mounts should resolve this I suppose. (engine moving 1cm doesnt mean the mount is loose by 1cm though)

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Well its an inline 4 cylinder so rocking towards the radiator and the dash sounds right, but since 1 cm sound a bit too much i think there might be some issues with the engine. Possibly some worn out engine mounts, better get it checked by a mechanic before deciding on the purchase.

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1cm movement either way should be quite normal. mounts are there to allow some form of movement anyways.

noise like a diesel meaning when you pop the bonnet up the engine running noise is high or is it from a loud exhaust?

usually worn engines tend to run louder... if top end parts are worn off you'd hear quite a distinct sound.

Mount vibrations are felt more when you shift gears. and also you can do a visual inspection and see if mounts are busted.

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