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A9 Road Condition To Jaffna


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Hello All,

Hope everyone is doing great. Need help on some information about getting to Jaffna.

1. Planning to Drive. How is the Road condition? appriciate if someone who went recently can shed some light in to this.

2. Is the Expolanka place in Jaffna good to stay?

3. Is it possible/safe or is the road open to Drive at night to avoide the Traffic?

Thanks in Advance.

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Hai friend,

still A9 road is not good condition,but repair works are going on,but u can no problem to travel this road.

expolanka also nice place to stay there but little expensive,Hotel Gnanams is there (0212220630-3)Blue Heaven is there(0212229958,0776139898) or US guest House (0212221017) so many hotels are there to stay.

good to drive in night bcoz u can avoid the Tippers & other big vehicles.

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suggest taking the Colombo-Puttalam-A'pura-A9 route as it has less congestion

but a small stretch was under heavy repairs in september. A9 after Kilinochchi area will be like going on a boat!

make sure the vehicle suspension is good enough. if it is a van, you should have enough 'dunu kola'

Leave Colombo at around 8-9am and you will be able to pass the fleet of Jaffna buses early.

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went jaffna 2weeks back. through A9, (kandy to jaffna.) Although road is under construction able to manage by nzt 260, and 4 passengers.around 5 - 10 of distance from anuradhapura to muhamale under construction but, condition not so bad, from muhamale to jaffna ordinary road i e non carpet.

no need to drive at night, even in the day no much traffic.

enjoy the journy. (make sure to carry drinking water )

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Hello All,

Thanks for the information.Went on the NZT 240.2 passengers.


Good pit stop is a place called Testa Cafe in Kilinochichi.

1100 Kms (Including going around the peninsular and the nagadeepa ferry point).

Was a super road trip. Expo place was fully booked. Stayed in Blue Heaven ( Good place to stay with a nice pool).

Road from Colombo to Anuradhapura was Super except about 10 kms under construction ( But passable)just before the Anuradhapura Town.From then to Vavuniya is a nice ride. Roads are done nicely. All and all all the roads are passable even the stretch with is under construction.

Thanks again for the information.

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