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Vt250 Steering Head

The Stig


Hey guys im posting this question on behalf of a friend of mine who has a vt250.

Does anyone know exactly how to remove the steering head on a Honda vt250 ? (Some pictures would be helpful if possible)

Would this be a DIY job if he has the right tools or is it more complicated than that ?

Also any suggestions for a decent place to get a paint job done on the above mentioned bike ?

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i'm assuming the head needs to come off for a bearing job....

have done this on my bikes but not on a VT. but i suppose it's more or less the same

generally, you'd have to get the cables, switches etc off the handle as the handle needs to come off. depending on design...lights, meters, fairings too might have to come off.

you'd have to remove the front wheel since triple clamp needs to come off

Once you get the triple clamp cleared of any obstructions...you can remove the main nut holding the steering head.

you might have to remove the front shocks before removing this main nut so those wont meddle with you as you try to get the steering head out.

Then it's matter of loosening the nut holding the steering stem and pulling it out....usually from the bottom.

If the bearings are shot...you'd idealy need a bearing puller to take it out. Some people use old screwdrivers to beat it out but i would not recommend doing that.

I'm sure you might be able to find a youtube vid on how to remove this on another bike.

It's DIY for an advanced DIYer...if you haven't done much DIY stuff i would leave this sorta thing to a pro.

Might wanna check with MD for a paint chap as i to am not sure of a good guy. Need to put some color on my XR too but haven't found a decent joint yet.

As for the mechanical part....most bike garages should be able to sort this out without a huge fuss. I would usually only check up with bike garages who extensively work on large displacement jap bikes :)

easy to spot cos these guys always have some good bikes getting attended.

If you can't find a joint...i would recommend tuan ossens's garage in nawala.

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I have Tuan Ossen's mobile number mate but dont think it's fair for me to share it without his consent.

I'd say generally after 9.30am most bike garages are open. On saturdays they tend to work only half day. Closed on sundays.

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Ah, thanks anyway. I wanted the number of the garage really. I wanted to know what time they close so I can get my bike over after work, or if they are open on Sundays instead (some garages open on Sunday and close on Monday).

I was tired of Chamara Motors and thinking of Tuan Motors instead.

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