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Ae110 Distributor Issue ?


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Hi Experts,

I have a 97 Corolla AE110 Auto gear car.

I have a issue with the Distributor timing. I showed this to few mechanics who do engine tuneups. Even after the engine tune up the engine gives a noise (taka taka) when accelerating (The sound you here when the distributor not adjusted properly ).

One guy told me this can not be stopped since the distributor have some issue.

Can this be due to the Distributor issue ?

The Car is doing about 7.5-8 km/l in Colombo and 11-12km out station with AC.

I did a tune up in June and used NGK spark plugs.

One guy told me to replace the spark plug with Denso (K16R-U11) spark plug. If i use Denso spark plugs can this issue be resolved?

If I need to replace the distributor please let me know the average price and a good place to buy a Recon one ?

Waiting for the AL experts reply ..



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the delco unit can control ignition timing to a certain degree and you can either advance it or retard it when needed. sometimes certain people tend to advance the ignition timing to makeup for some other problem of the car. Especially if the engine is not running well at. low idle or have other idle control issue connected to AC system etc...your average maka-baas would advance the ignition to mask the problem rather than fix the core issue. I would take it to a good garage and see the real problem before replacing the delco straight off. A jap used delco from a breaker joint should be around 8~12k. I replaced one sometime back for 10k cos the ignition coil inside the delco was "leaking"

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Thanks Ripper for your Advice.

Actually the noise is coming even if the AC is off and if you are in L gear. Once we have get rid of the noise by retarding the Delco.But at that time pulling power was very less and then we had to advanced it again.

It will be great, If you can help me to find a good garage to find out the actual issue.

FYI (I live in Rajagiriya)

Thanks again,


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