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Buying A Used Bmw (2000-2004)


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I own a e39 5 series and this is my second beemer. Had an e36 few years ago . Firstly let me tell you these are some of the finest machines money can buy. A beemer will be appreciated by anyone who is not looking for mere transportation, highest fuel economy or the latest registration number. If you get past these then continue reading. A typical service for my 5 costs about 30k which includes all filters and synthetic oil. You can go by service indicator or roughly about 12k km. I generaly service every 6 months regardless of mileage but indicator will allow up to 24 months if required mileage is not covered. Ageing Petrol cars have very much less issues than diesel variants. Parts are freely available . When buying a car check for maintenance history , prestige or milroys are equally good as long as the required work has been carried out . Once hooked you will not bother with overpriced jap tin cans

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For your own sake i hope your not looking at a bimmer with the intention of getting one cheap with the expected sky rocketing of car prices!

Just to ad to what VWvortex mentioned, if a price of a particular bimmer is too good to be true, it probably is! so walk away. You cannot buy a good bimmer generally at a bargain as an owner who has gone through the joy of meticulously maintaining one would not let it go cheap! However this is not written in stone, if you are lucky the owner might be willing to give it cheap because either he has too much money or too little to hold on to it!!

Always keep about 200k if possible to undertake some preventive maintenance once you get one! No paper record can give you a holistic guarantee on a car. Just to be sure, change all the lubricants and do a general service to set a base to start off your vehicle maintenance. Take it to the agents and get a comprehensive check done. Make sure you negotiate the final price taking in to account these probable repairs (Don't budget at the agents price though).

Also understand, certain things can go wrong with these cars during ownership than a conventional japanese appliance, as there are so much more components working in coherence in these cars to give your superior comfort, safety and performance! So do your research on the particular model online and identify these areas, and undertake preventive maintenance!! There are so many sources to import parts, and most often it works out cheaper than an equivalent jap part

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That was quite helpful ! Thank You!

well i am not buying to gain from the anticipated price hike.

I have a budget of 3.5m, so I hope I can find a good machine. Thats why I was worried as this is going to be my first BMW. :)

Just wanted to know what sort of a mileage i should look at before I get any major engine maintenance ? and what is the cost is like ?

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