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Familia Zl-De Please Help!!!


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Hi all

My car is a 2001mazda familia model and equipped with auto transmission,(1.5cc)AM facing some problems which i have no clue,

I would also appreciate some kind of advice since I'm pretty desperate and don't know more what to do, where to look or whom to ask.

my problem began in last December

after starting the engine began to run jerking (rough...like with 2 cylinders...unbalancing all the car structure)

mechanic said there is an error with the ignition coil,so i replaced one,

After it, the car performance seemed fine for a few more months,after that again a problem,when i accelerate the power drops,it wont come in every time(some times car runs smoothly)

after few days check engine light came out,code was po172,then i replaced the o2 sensor.again few more days,check light didn't come but the problem is still with car,i replace the fuel pump and the filter,after that MAF sensor(reconditioned)still the problem is there,in city limits it gives 7-8 kmp/l outstation 8.5-9kmp/l millage is 204000kms

am fed up with this issue,finally mechanic told me to change the gear box,because the scanner wont read any error codes.

Thank you everyone for your time and patience smile.png

With Best Regards


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Your mechanic is a retard who keeps asking you to change parts until something works out. First thing you would do is to find a better mechanic. Check and clean your PCV valve, IAC and EGR. See if that helps. You don't need to replace them with new ones. Just remove em and spray down with carb cleaner until it's clean.

Also, was the intake manifold removed before you had this problem?

Are you noticing any bubbles in the coolant reservoir?

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First... would you mind letting us know who your mechanic is?

The symptoms you mentioned can be due to many reasons... Ignition Coil, Knock sensor, Fuel pump etc. I have the ZL-VE (SVT) and been thru these..

Depending on your response, I'll point you in the right direction.

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